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New Zealand Revisited

By R. H. Benson, Mrs. F. M. Brookfield, and F. D. How

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By R. H. Benson, Mrs. F. M. Brookfield, and F. D. How

A Mirror of Shalott
In crown 8vo, cloth 6s.

"What we are most struck by in Mr. Benson's collection of stories is the admirable way in which they are told. He is an ideal raconteur, and with a few skilful suggestions infuses the individuality of the narrator into each experience…. Indeed, so entertaining have we found this gathering of clerical story-tellers, that we have experienced a sense of regret in parting company with them."—Outlook.

The Light Invisible
In crown 8vo, cloth 3s. 6d.

"It is impossible to appraise in the ordinary terms of criticism a book which appeals to us so strongly as 'The Light Invisible.' Its delicate, elusive mysticism, its deep spirituality, exercise upon the sympathetic reader an irresistible charm, which can hardly be analysed or defined."—Church Times.

Richard Raynal, Solitary
In crown 8vo, cloth 3s. 6d.

"'Richard Raynal' tells of a 'solitary' or mystical hermit, who went to warn Henry VI of sin and death, was beaten and died. That is all. But the slight thread of the story is wonderfully moving. Father Benson has made out of these tiny materials a fabric of the most fragrant sweetness, the most delicate colours,"—Morning Leader.

My Lord of Essex
By Frances M. Brookfield

In crown 8vo, cloth, with frontispiece portrait, 6s.

"It is seldom that an historical novel is so satisfactory; there is not a single dull or dead page. Mrs. Brookfield must certainly write some more historical novels."—Daily Telegraph.

The Book of the Child
By F. D. How

In foolscap 8vo, leather 3s. 6d. net, cloth 2s. net.

"A very charming little book. Mr. How has a light and pretty touch, and has evidently been a loving and faithful observer of the little ones about whom he here tells many delightful and some touching stories."—Punch.

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