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The Laws of England, Compiled and translated into the Māori language.



Gaol—Escape, Prison breach and rescue 12,13
Talking spirits into gaol 11
Gaoler 11, 12
Girl—Unlawful taking of girl 1, 31
Carnally knowing girl 6
Rape 26
Laying hands indecently on girl 32
Seduction of girl 44
God—Blasphemy against God 5
Swearing 28
The law of God I.
Goverment—Libel against the Government 21
Sedition against 27
Definition of Government 49
Governor—The administrator of the law I.
The representative of the Queen IV. § 11
Appoints magistrates II. § 4, iv. § 17
His powers, duties, &c. IV. § 12, § 14
Grant from the Crown—Description of 49
Gun—Buying gun from soldier 24
Vagrant armed with gun 29
Firing gun from vessels 15
Accidental death by person shooting 34
Selling, removing, making, mending, &c. gun 2
Person armed killing another 34
Carrying Arms 2
Gunpowder—Possessing with a view to firing buildings &c. gunpowder 3
Importing, landing, disposing gunpowder, making &c. gunpowder 2
Buying gunpowder from soldier 24
Placing in building with intent to damage 3, 23
Using with intent to maim, &c. 4