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The Laws of England, Compiled and translated into the Māori language.



Warrant—Warrant of Magistrate to be obeyed by Constable xiii. § 59, 8
Warrant to Apprehend 33, x. § 45
Coroner's Warrant vii. § 32
Weight—False Weight 7
Wheat—Setting or attempting to set fire to stack or crop of Wheat 3
Wife—Adultery with man's Wife 44
Unlawfully taking man's Wife 44
See "Woman."
Witness ix. § 42
Tampering with Witness 28
Witness in Criminal matters v. § 26, x. § 46
Witness in Supreme Court sworn by Registrar vii. § 36
Witness sworn in Resident Magistrate's Court ix. 42
Witness fined for Non-attendance vii. § 38
Witness bound over to Appear x. § 48
Wills—Fraudently Destroying or Concealing Wills 19
Description of Wills 49
Woman—Administering Drugs to Woman to procure Abortion 1
Laying Hands indecently on Woman 32
Defamation of Woman 42
Rape of Woman 26
Committing adultery with Woman 44
Beating woman considered as a civil injury 44
Unlawfully taking Woman 43
Unlawfully taking Girl 31
Woman Secretly Burying her Child 8
Woman committing Bigamy 5
Woman concealing Birth of her Child 8
Woman Killing man attempting to Rape her 34
Wounding—Unlawfully Wounding any person 3, 4
Wounding any person with intent to commit murder 5
Wounding accompanying Burglary 6
Wreck—Impeding persons endeavouriug to escape from Wreck 5
Goods from Wreck 29
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