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The Laws of England, Compiled and translated into the Māori language.



Bail—Description of x. § 47
Bank Note—Definition of Bank Note 51
Battery—On man's wife considered as a Civil Injury 44
Beating by parent or teacher 41
Battery considered as a Civil Injury 41
Unlawfully beating 34
Accompanying burglary 6
Bawdy House—Keeping a Bawdy House 5
Bigamy 5
Birth—Woman concealing birth of her child 8
Blasphemy 5 page 58
Break open—A house, &c. 15, 27
A pound 26, 40
A gaol 11, 12
Bribery—Of magistrate. 6, 32
Of constables 8
Bridge—Malicious injury to 22
Burglary 6
Burn—Setting fire to house, church, ship, &c. 2, 3, 32
Person killed when attempting to set fire to house 34
Bury—Women secretly burying her child 8
Buy—Buying or selling office 25