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The Laws of England, Compiled and translated into the Māori language.



If anything be snatched with violence from a man's person, or forcibly taken, it is Robbery. But in general a mere snatching anything from another, without any struggle or injury to the person, will not be accounted Robbery.

If intimidation be used to compel another to deliver anything belonging to him, and it be delivered and received, the taking is Robbery. If injury to the person accompany the act, the punishment will be augmented.

It is certain that the "Taua Maori" is contrary to Law, and that when goods are taken by a Taua, they are stolen, and the offence of Larceny is committed; the takers are guilty of Larceny, and the receivers are guilty of Receiving stolen goods. But goods taken upon the authority of a Magistrate's Warrant are lawfully taken, because the process is one appointed by the Law. The "Taua Maori" is not lawful; it is a Larceny, and a Criminal Offence. The officers of justice should do their best to suppress and put an end to this bad custom.