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The Laws of England, Compiled and translated into the Māori language.

§ 62

[i roto i te reo Māori]

page XIV

§ 62.

The principal officers charged with the administration of the Law among the Pakehas having been noticed, and their respective duties briefly stated, a List of Criminal Offences will now be given. Each Offence will have a number assigned to it, and the numbers will follow each other in consecutive order. The name and description of the Offence will be found in the left hand column; parallel with this, in the middle column, will appear the penalty assigned by the Law for such offence; and, in the right hand column the name of the Court in which the person committing such Offence may be tried. At the end of the List, Notes will be added, containing further explanations of some of the Offence, a reference to these being made in the List. Each Explanatory Note will have the same number as that given to the Offence in the List. The Notes will be followed by an Index, arranged in Maori alphabetical order, by reference to which the Maori reader will be able to find the place in the List of any Offence contained in the latter each Offeuce having its number in the List placed opposite to its name in the Index.

A chapter on Civil Injuries, followed by a glossary of English words which have been Maoviized and brought into use in this Book, being printed in italics, with a general Index of the subjects here treated, both arranged in Maori alphabetical order, will complete the information respecting English Law which it is intended to place in the hands of the Maori people at the present time.