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Forest Vines to Snow Tussocks: The Story of New Zealand Plants


page 11


I am very grateful to a number of botanists who have made useful suggestions on the whole manuscript or parts of it. E. J. Godley, B. V. Sneddon, W. R. Philipson and B. P. J. Molloy reviewed the entire manuscript; F. B. Sampson, D. R. McQueen and G. M. Rogers read some early chapters; P. S. Green, P. Williams, W. R. Sykes and J. Campbell advised on Chapter 10 and D. Pocknall, D. Mildenhall and A. M. Holden on Chapter 12.

For technical assistance I am especially grateful to Maureen Cooper for word processing the several revisions, to John Casey, his predecessor M. D. King and the Photographic Facility for taking some of the photographs and for printing most of the others, to Philippa Spackman for preparing several maps and diagrams, and to the editorial staff of Victoria University Press.