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Forest Vines to Snow Tussocks: The Story of New Zealand Plants

Herbaceous Species

page 88

Herbaceous Species

A lycopodium is quite commonly enountered which is smaller than Lycopodium varium, and with the leaves associated with the sporangia towards the branch tips often not reduced to scales. Some treat this lycopodium as a distinct species, L. novae-zelandicum; others regard it as a form of L. varium.

Asplenium flaccidum, common on trees, also inhabits tree fern trunks. The filmy ferns Hymenophyllum lyallii, H. ferrugineum and Trichomanes venosum are almost confined to tree fern trunks and others are frequently present. Several species of Tmesipteris remain largely restricted to such sites — T. elongata subspecies elongata throughout and T. lanceolata and T. sigmatifolia in the northern North Island.