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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Nelson, Marlborough & Westland Provincial Districts]

Mining — The State Coal Mines Department


The State Coal Mines Department , Greymouth, has its offices in Mackay Street, and was constrtuted under the State Coal Mines Act of 1901, to enter into the business of colliery proprietors. It took over the Westport-Cardiff mine at Seddonville,
Mr. H. Williams.

Mr. H. Williams.

and at the end of the year 1902 commenced work at the Greymouth Point Elizabeth mine. This property consists of about 10,000 acres of coal bearing land, situated five miles distant from Greymouth. The two townships near the mine are named respectively Runanga and Dunollie. The company which had previously worked the Greymouth-Point Elizabeth mine had commenced the construction of the connecting line of railway, including a bridge across the Grey river, and had also done some prospecting. The mine was re-opened by the State Department, and in June, 1904, a commencement was made to transmit coal to the market. The output for the year 1905 was equal to 3,000 tons of coal per week, and the greater portion was shipped from Greymouth. The mine is worked by a system of tunnels connecting with the railway line, and the drainage is by gravitation. Numerous outcrops have been discovered throughout the entire area of the mine. Since April, 1904, about 220 men have been employed on the works. The mines worked by the State on the West Coast are under the charge of Mr. James Bishop, as general manager.