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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Otago & Southland Provincial Districts]



Mr. Richard Allen , who formerly represented Third Ward in the Borough Council, spent a great portion of his life In the Colony of South Australia, and in the Riverina district of New South Wales. He is no novice in municipal matters, having previously served as councillor at Glenelg and Mount Gambier, South Australia, and as chairman of the Encounter District Council and other local bodies for a number of years. He was born in London in 1836, was educated there and at Dunmow, Essex, and on leaving school became a junior clerk at the London Docks. In 1855, he emigrated to Adelaide, South Australia, and was a stock-keeper in the northern districts of that Colony for eight
Mr. R. Allen.

Mr. R. Allen.

years. Ten years after his arrival Mr. Allen went to Port Victor and started the pioneer Shipping business in the Riverina district, being the first to ship wool from that locality. He also erected a flax-mill for the manufacture of linen, but this proved an unremunerative venture. Removing to Adelaide, he engaged for some time in the produce business, and, daring the last five years of his residence in that city, became manager of the Glenelg Railway Company. In 1883 he removed to Mount Gambier, where he entered business as stock agent, etc., and remained until 1893, when he came to Invercargill. At the solicitation of several ratepayers he consented to contest, and was duly returned to, a seat on the Borough Council, as representative of Third Ward. Mr. Allen acts as legal manager for several gold-mining companies interested in mines at Preservation Inlet.
Mr. Thomas Fergusson Smyth , who for sometime represented the Second Ward of the Borough, was born in Invercargill in 1869, and Is the second son of the late Mr. David Smyth, merchant, of Tay Street. He was educated at the local public school, and worked with his father for several years. Afterwards he accepted a situation with Messrs. McPherson and Co., wool merchants, remaining there for five
Protected.Lowther Arcade, Tay Street: Old Invercargill. Ross, photo.

Protected.Lowther Arcade, Tay Street: Old Invercargill. Ross, photo.

page 804 years, but finally retired from mercantile pursuite in 1893. In 1892 he married the daughter of Mr. O. G. W. Hast, of East Invercargill, and sometime chairman of Southland County Council. Mr. Smyth entered into civic life in September, 1897, when he was returned unopposed for Second Ward. He has always taken a keen interest in football and other kindred sports, and is an auditor of the Southland Rugby Football Union and a member of the Invercargill Football Club.