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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Otago & Southland Provincial Districts]


Moeraki is one of the pleasantest seaside resorts in Otago. The adjacent railway station, only a mile away, is known by the name of Hillgrove, which is also the name of the local postal district. Moeraki in itself is a fishing port, and a large number of boats are engaged in the fishing industry. The adjacent land has a genial north-eastern aspect, and as it is dotted with knolls and with clumps of bush, it has quite an areadian look. There is a Maori kaike and reserve at Moeraki, and a portion of the beach is strewn with boulders of great size and remarkable shape. Private boarding is obtainable, and during the summer months a large number of holiday keepers visit Moeraki. As long ago as 1842 a shipment of potatoes, grown by the Maoris at Moeraki, was taken to Wellington, and from that time dates the reputation of North Otago as a potato-producing district. The circumstances under which this historic shipment was made are described at page 364 of the Canterbury volume of this Cyclopedia.