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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Otago & Southland Provincial Districts]

Gregg, W. and Co., Ltd

Gregg, W. and Co., Ltd. , Coffee, Spice and Starch Manufacturers, General Merchants and Importers Lower Rattray Street, Dunedin. This business was founded in Princes Street by the late Mr. Gregg, in 1861, and was removed some years later to the premises it now occupies. In 1897 the business was merged into a limited liability company under the style of W. Gregg and Co., Limited; Mr. Gregg, the founder, acting as managing director until his death in May, 1901, when Mr. William B. M. Fea assumed the management. Amongst the many specialties for which the company is noted, are its high class coffees, pure pepper and spices starch, soda crystals, flavouring essences, etc., etc. W. Gregg and Co., Limited, were the first in New Zealand to manufacture wax vestas and starch. Gregg's “Eagle” starch has been for the last fifteen years the leading brand in the colony, whilst the firm's “Club” coffee, (its special brand household word throughout New Zealand. Messrs W. Gregg and Co. make it a standing rule that not one ounce of anything adulterated leaves any of their factories, and the most modern machinery obtainable is used in the manufacture of their various goods. They have been awarded a gold medal, a special gold medal, and over fifty medals and awards for the excellence of their manufactures at the following Exhibitions:—New Zealand, 1865; Christ-church, 1872; Sydney International, 1879; Melbourne International, 1880–81; Wellington Industrial. 1885; New Zealand and South Seas, 1889–90; Wellington Industrial, 1896–97; and Otago Jubilee, 1898. The company's chicory farm of fifty-six acres, and drying kiln are situated on Inchclutha. Its coffee and spice mills, and warehouse, are in Lower Rattray Street, and its starch, soda crystals, flavouring essences and kindred manufactures are carried on at its extensive works at Pelichet Bay, convenient to rail and wharf.