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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Otago & Southland Provincial Districts]

Gawne, W., and Co

Gawne, W., and Co. (H. W. Howarth), Sauce Manufacturers, Frederick Street, Dunedin; Bankers: Bank of New Zealand; Private residence, London Street. This business was founded by the late Mr. W. Gawne, who was born in the Isle of Man, in 1830, and was educated at Castleton, in his native island. He went to sea as a lad, and rose to the rank of second mate, but owing to a severe wound in the left arm he was
The Late Mr. W. Gawne.

The Late Mr. W. Gawne.

compelled to abandon seafaring life in 1851. After two years in the grocery trade in London, he came out to Melbourne, where he followed the same calling till 1865, when he settled in Hokitika. He had a goldfield's experience on the West Coast, and met with varying success, after the usual fashion of gold-miners. Whilst on the Coast, Mr. Gawne took part in local affairs, and was attached to the Oddfellows and Foresters Orders, in each of which he occupied the chair. He settled in Dunedin in 1877, where he carried on business as a grocer till May 1881, when he established the sauce manufactory which he so successfully conducted, and which, since his death, has been carried on by Mr. H. W. Howarth, who has built new premises in Frederick Street, where the same sauce is manufactured; also pickles and vinegar and other condiments. Mr. Howarth, in extending the business, has so gained the confidence of the public, that 90,000 bottles of Gawne's sauce were sold in one year. Nothing but pure and wholesome ingredients are used in the manufacture of the firm's goods. Messrs Gawne and Co. occupy wooden buildings erected on freehold land facing George Street, where they manufacture the Worcestershire sauce so largely used throughout Australasia. It is a special preparation from Mr. Gawne's own recipe, the ingredients of which are known only to the firm, who import the materials from Mr. Penny and Mr. Bears, both of London. There are two qualities, the piquant, which has a green label on each bottle, and the mild, which is distinguished by a red label. The firm's trade mark, the three legs of the Manx coat-of-arms, is a guarantee of the genuineness of the article. Messrs. Gawne and Co.'s Worcestershire sauce is sold wholesale throughout New Zealand and Australia, by merchants, and retail by leading grocers and storekeepers. Numerous testimonials have been received by the proprietors from all parts in proof of the popularity and excellence of the sauce, which has achieved almost world-wide fame during the twenty-three years in which it has been manufactured.