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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Otago & Southland Provincial Districts]



Armstrong and Co. (Frank Armstrong and Graee Armstrong), Surgeon and Mechanical Dentists, Colonial Mutual Buildings (first floor), Corner of Princes and High Streets, Dunedin. Telephone, 604. Bankers, Bank of New South Wales. Private residences, Caversham.

Mr. Frank Armstrong , who was born in Dunedin in 1868, learned the business under his father, was registered in 1888, and practised for some time in Oamaru. Miss Grace Armstrong passed her examination in 1894, and became associated in the business of Messrs. Armstrong and Co. in the following year, when her brother also joined the firm. The rooms occupied are well adapted for the profession, comprising three operating rooms and separate work-rooms, as well as an elegantly furnished waiting-room. Messrs. Armstrong and Co. have all the latest appliances for administering gas to patients, with a special chloroform room.

Boot, Alfred Ernest , Surgeon Dentist, 1 Moray Place (opposite the Criterion Hotel), Dunedin. Mr. Boot was born in Dunedin, in 1870, and educated at public schools and at the Otago Boys' High School. He studied his profession under his father, the late Mr. Alfred Boot, one of the first dentists in Dunedin. On his father's death, in 1892, he became a partner in the business, which then changed its style from Boot and Hunter to Hunter and Boot. The firm was dissolved in 1897, when Mr. Boot established a business on his own account in Dunedin. He afterwards took a trip round the world, and, having studied in London and Philadelphia all the latest principles of his profession, returned to Dunedin and resumed practice at his present address. Mr. Boot has taken a keen interest in amateur photography and cycling, and in 1897 was captain of the Dunedin Cycling Club.

Coombs, Charles John , Surgeon and Mechanical Dentist, 112 Princes Street (opposite Cargill's Monument, and next Grand Hotel), Dunedin. Bankers. National Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Calder Street, North East Valley. This business was established by Messrs. R. Kidd and Co., the present proprietor acquiring it two years after its foundation. The surgery, which is situated on the first floor, is replete with the latest appliances in use, and a convenient workshop adjoins, together with a well furnished waiting room. Mr. Coombs was born in Dunedin in 1872, and received his primary education at the George Street public school. Hawing decided to follow dentistry as his profession, he entered in June, 1885, the establishment of Messrs. S. Myers and Co., in the Octagon, Dunedin, and studied diligently. Mr. Coombs was successful in passing the examination under the auspices of the Dental Board of New Zealand, by which he was duly registered. Until purchasing the present business, he remained in the service of Messrs Myers and Co., and filled the position of first assistant for the last three years of his term with the firm.

Myers, S., and Co. (Septimus Myers and Ascher Myers), Dental Surgeons and Mechanical Dentists, Dunedin Dental Surgery, Octagon, Dunedin. Telephone, 521. Bankers: National Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, North East Valley. Branch at High Street, Christchurch. Mr. S. Myers has long been well known in Dunedin as the senior and resident partner of the firm, and as a member of the dental board of examiners of New Zealand. He personally conducts the business of the Dunedin surgery and is assisted by a competent staff. The Christ-church practice is under the care of his brother, Mr. Ascher Myers. During an extended residence in Dunedin Mr. S. Myers has taken a prominent part in public affairs. He was mayor of the North East Valley borough for five years and for several years was chairman of the local school committee. When the schools conference sat in Dunedin some years ago, Mr. Myers was elected chairman for the session. He has been a member of the licensing bench for a long time, and is a trustee of the Dunedin hospital. As a volunteer he has held the rank of captain of the North Dunedin rifles, and as a sportsman been president of the North End boating club, Tahuna Park trotting club, National page 249 coursing club of New Zealand, vice-president of the Otago cycling club and of the Dunedin dog and poultry society, besides being a member of several other bodies. Mr. Myers
Mr. S. Myers.

Mr. S. Myers.

is a member of the Masonic Order, was two years master of Lodge No. 662, S.C., and is past grand treasurer of the Otago and Southland District Grand Lodge.
Terry, Alfred George , Specialist in Artificial Plate Work, 28 Hanover Street,
Wrigglesworth and Binns, photo.Mr. A. G. Terry.

Wrigglesworth and Binns, photo.
Mr. A. G. Terry.

Dunedin. Mr. Terry is the youngest son of the late Mr. George Terry, who came to Dunedin in 1882 and died in 1902. He was educated at the Boys' High School, studied for his profession under Mr. Myers, of Dunedin, and afterwards had charge of the mechanical department of his branch business at Invercargill. Mr. Terry then visited Melbourne for the purpose of undergoing further studies, and in 1902, in conjunction with Mr. Scott, started his present practice. The partnership existed till August, 1903, when Mr. Scott retired. A specialty is made in gold fillings, crown and bridge work, and the manufacture of artificial plates. Five assistants, among whom are qualified dentists, are employed, and the surgery has all the latest dental appliances. Mr. Terry is a member of the Dunedin Bowling Club, Senior Deacon of the Lodge Celtic, 477, Scottish Constitution, and as a Forester he is a member of Court Enterprise.

Thomson, William Alexander , Surgeon Dentist, A.M.P. Buildings, Princes and Dowling Streets, Dunedin. Mr. Thomson was educated at the Dunedin Boys' High School, and studied for his profession under Mr. Armstrong. He passed his dental examination in 1898, and went to America, where he studied in the Dental Hall of the Pennsylvania University, and made a special study of removable bridge work, under Dr. Peejo, the leading specialist in that branch of dentistry in America. Mr. Thomson then visited London, to study at the National Dental Hospital, and in 1901 returned to New Zealand with a thorough knowledge of his profession in all its branches. His rooms in Dowling and Princes Streets are luxuriously furnished, and are supplied with all the most up-to-date dental appliances. Mr. Thomson takes a keen interest in volunteering, and is a member of the Otago Hussars.