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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]

Watch And Jewellery Trade

Watch And Jewellery Trade.

Bower and Ferguson , Watchmakers and Jewellers, Stafford Street, Timaru. This business was originally established by Mr. Bower in 1872, and ten years later he was joined in partnership by Mr. Ferguson.

Mr. Ferguson is a native of Linlithgowshire, Scotland, and was brought up to his present business in his native town, Bathgate. He came to New Zealand in 1879 under engagement to Messrs. G. and T. Young, of Dunedin and Timaru, and remained with them until he went into business with Mr. Bower. In 1888 Mr. Bower retired, and since then Mr. Ferguson has carried on the business. Every branch of the trade is carried on on the premises, and the large stock of watches, clocks and jewellery is displayed to advantage. Mr Ferguson takes an active interest in sporting and athletic matters, and is a devoted angler.

Fraser, Alexander, Watchmaker and Jeweller, Stafford Street, Timaru. Mr. Fraser was born in Dunedin in 1875, and after being educated there he served as an apprentice to Messrs G. and T. Young. He continued with this firm for ten years altogether, and spent the last three years at its Timaru branch. Mr. Fraser then removed to Invercar gill and accepted a position with Mr. J. page 1018 Craig, and in 1902 returned to Timaru to establish his present business. He is a member of the local Court of Foresters.

Ferrier, photo.Mr. A. Fraser.

Ferrier, photo.
Mr. A. Fraser.

McNab, John, Watchmaker and Jeweller, Stafford Street, Timaru. This business was founded in 1889, and is conducted in the Theatre Buildings, in a convenient shop on the ground floor, with a workroom upstairs, A general stock of watches, clocks and jewellery is maintained, but the special lines are New Zealand greenstone, kauri gum, and dressed flax goods. Mr. McNab, the proprietor, was born at Stirling, Scotland, in 1855. He was educated and brought up to his trade in his native place, and came out to New Zealand under engagement to Messrs G. and T. Young, of Dunedin; and for a number of years he was employed in the Timaru branch of the firm's business. In 1889 Mr. McNab revisited Scotland, and on his return, he began business on his own account. He joined the Timaru Rifles on the formation of the corps in 1885, and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant in 1902. Mr. McNab is a member of the local Lodge of Druids. He served for about two years as a member of the Timaru Borough Council, and was for three years on the main school committee, of which he was chairman for a year. Mr. McNab takes an active part in philanthropic work, and has been treasurer of the Trinity Presbyterian Church since 1891. At the first Mayoral election under the new Municipal Corporations Act, Mr. McNab unsuccessfully opposed Mr. C. N. Mackintosh; and, in standing for a seat on the Education Roard, he was defeated by Mr. T. C. Farnie. He was married, in 1891, to a daughter of the late Mr. John Cuthbert, merchant, formerly of Glasgow, and has three daughters.

Ferrier, photo.Mr. J. McNab.

Ferrier, photo.
Mr. J. McNab.

Millar, John Robertson, Watchmaker, Jeweller, and Optician, Stafford Street, Timaru. Mr. Millar has studied optical work for a number of years, and has special facilities for carefully carrying on his business. He was born in 1869, at Cambuslang, near Glasgow, Scotland, and was educated partly there, and partly in New Zealand, having arrived in Port Chalmers by the ship “Dunedin,” in 1876. He gained experience in his profession at Dunedin, Oamaru, and Timaru; and resided at Timaru for about thirteen years, before starting business in Dunedin. Mr. Millar is a thoroughly competent watchmaker, jeweller, electroplater, and gilder, and since 1896 has had charge of the post office clock at Timaru. His business is carried on in a brick building, containing a shop, sight-testing room and work room. He served as a volunteer for three years in the Dunedin Highland Rifles, and has been connected with the orders of Foresters, Oddfellows, and Knights of Labour respectively. Mr. Millar was married, in 1896, to a daughter of Mr. Robert Irwin, one of the early Timaru settlers, and has one son and one daughter.

Standish and Preece, photo.Mr. J. R. Millar.

Standish and Preece, photo.
Mr. J. R. Millar.

Young, G. And T., Importers, Watchmakers and Jewellers, Stafford Street, Timaru; Head Office, Dunedin. The South Canterbury branch of this firm has been conducted in Timaru since 1878 on its present site. The building is of two stories, in brick, with a fine iron verandah, and the ship is fitted up with new and handsome cases of the most approved style, all filled with goods of every description. A workroom and an office are behind, and the first floor is used for storage purposes. Mr. William Martin is manager.