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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]


Lyndhurst is a prosperous district on the Rakaia-Methven line, about fifteen miles from the former and seven from the latter township, and four miles west of Lauriston. The infant township has a blacksmith's shop, a small general store, and there are also large sheds for the storage of grain. The land is particularly fertile, and yields large returns of wheat and oats, and other crops. Lyndhurst is also a good sheep country, celebrated for the fattening qualities of its grass. Several of the estates are large in area, and on some of these farming is conducted on an extensive scale.

McFarlane And Cook (Andrew McFarlane and William Cook), Engineers, Blacksmiths, Coachbuilders, and Farriers Lyndhurst. This extensive business was begun in 1887 by Mr. McFarlane, in a small way in unpretentious premises, but has become one of the leading businesses of its kind in the county of Ashburton. At first the business was confined to blacksmithing, and Mr. McFarlane employed only one man. Now the extensive premises have three forges, with a large steam engine, steam hammers, and lathes, and all the most up-to-date appliances for large engineering works. Six men are constantly employed in the various departments of the business, and the firm keeps an extensive stock of reaping machines, duplicate parts, ploughshares, twines, oils, and harness. A large quantity of seasoned timber, for the construction of drays and other vehicles, for which the firm holds a high reputation, is also kept in stock, as well as seasoned timber for building purposes, as an important branch of the firm's business consists in the construction of residences in the surrounding district. Mr. McFarlane being a practical farrier; the firm keeps a large stock of drugs, and he is constantly consulted in connection with the ailments of horses. The Lyndhurst post office and telegraph office is under the charge of Mr. Cook, one of the partners.

Mr. Andrew McFarlane is the third son of Mr. Andrew McFarlane, sheepfarmer, Alford Forest. He was born at Alford Forest and started business in 1887 at Lyndhurst. Owing to the expansion of his trade, he was compelled to remove to larger premises, and to secure the services of a working partner. Mr. William Cook, who had been previously in his employment for a number of years. The business is now, therefore, carried on under the title of McFarlane and Cook, Mr. McFarlane superintending the general management of the business. Mr. McFarlane is married, and has a family of one.

Wrigglesworth and Binns, photo.Mr. A. McFarlane.

Wrigglesworth and Binns, photo.
Mr. A. McFarlane.