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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]

The Terminus Hotel

The Terminus Hotel (F. W. Millward, manager), corner of the South Belt and Manchester Street, Christchurch. This fine and popular hotel is situated opposite the railway terminus, and within a short distance of the centre of the city. It is a substantial two-storey building, ornamented on the South Belt frontage with a handsome balcony, under which is the main entrance. On the right of the entrance there is a sitting room for the use of visitors, and adjoining that again there is a spacious well-furnished dining room, capable of accommodating seventy guests. The private offices and the private bar are to the left of the entrance. The bar apartment is embellished with very handsome and elaborate fittings of cedarwood and plate glass, and furnished with numerous easy chairs and couches. A fine broad staircase, branching to the right and left, leads to the upper apartments. Several handsomely furnished private sitting rooms, including a ladies' drawing room, a commercial room, and a reading room, face the railway, and open on to the balcony. The bedrooms, of which there are over thirty, are placed on the wing running north from the South Belt. A recent addition to this part of the house can, in case of fire, be divided from the main portion of the hotel by iron doors. The whole house is furnished with great taste and elegance. Separate bathrooms—hot, cold and shower—for ladies and gentlemen are so placed as to be very convenient for the guests. Every facility for escape in case of fire has been provided; the rooms are supplied with wirerope ladders, and an easy descent can be page 309 made from the front balcony. The hotel is lighted with a fine system of incandescent burners, and electric bells are most conveniently placed throughout the bunding. With an extensive connection throughout New Zealand, the “Terminus” is one of the leading hotels in Canterbury, and is frequented by large numbers of travellers and visitors to Christchurch. It is under the charge of an able manager, who knows how to promote the comfort of the guests.