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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]

Private Hospitals And Homes

Private Hospitals And Homes.

The Farleigh Hospital, Papanui Road, Christchurch. This institution was founded in 1893 by Mrs M. A. Pope, the present proprietress. The building, which stands a few yards from the main road, contains sixteen large and airy rooms. Three doctors attend the hospital at regular intervals, and surgical work is performed in a well-appointed operating theatre on the premises. The average number of patients at the hospital is about twelve.

The Rangatira Private Nursing Home, 71 Worcester Street, Linwood, Christchurch. Telephone 584. This institution was established in 1896 by three nurses, who had gained their experience and knowledge in the Christchurch Hospital. Nurse Collins took the management of affairs, and under her guidance the Home has become a popular resort for those requiring careful treatment at experienced hands. Several of the doctors of the city send their patients to the Home, and professionally attend the institution.

The Strathmore Hospital Is a private institution situated in Ferry Road, Christchurch. This establishment has been constructed under a special system universally approved by medical men. The objects of the hospital are to prevent as far as possible dangerous symptoms following operations and to insure that the patients shall have the benefit of the best hygienic advantages. The operating-room has been specially designed, the walls being composed
Messrs Thompson and Turrell's Staff (1898). Standish and Preece, photo.

Messrs Thompson and Turrell's Staff (1898).
Standish and Preece, photo.

page 254 of coke, Portland cement, stout sheets of glass being used to cover the plaster of Paris. The latest medical appliances are found in the operating-theatre, which ranks as one of the most complete in the Colony. The Strathmore Hospital was enlarged in 1897 There is accommodation for forty patients.

The Christchurch Medical And Surgical Sanitarium, Papanui. This institution was established in the year 1900 and stands on a site of seven acres and a half in Papanui, at a distance of three miles from Cathedral Square, Christchurch. It is under a board of management, and a qualified staff is employed to attend to the patients and look after the premises. The Sanitarium is conducted distinctively as a health institution, the sole object of which is to aid the sick to complete and permanent recovery, and to make invalids as happy as possible during the progress of their cure.

Mr. S. H. Amyes, Manager of the Christchurch Sanitarium, was born in Shropshire, England, in 1856, and came, with his parents to New Zealand, in 1860, in the ship “Bombay. In his earlier years he was employed in commercial life, but afterwards took to farming, and in 1884 he bought a farm of 360 acres, at Irwell. In 1886 Mr. Amyes established a small stud flock of Shropshire Downs, descended from sheep imported from England and rams bred from imported sheep by Messrs Grigg and Russell, of Longbeach. Canterbury. Mr. Amyes gained at the Ellesmere show of 1897 three championships, three first and two second prizes with his Shropshire, and on a former occasion, when he had eight entries, he gained eight first and four special prizes. At one time Mr. Amyes took an active interest in sporting matters, and was a member of the hunt and coursing clubs. In 1880 he married Miss Smart, and has three sons.

Rhodes' Memorial Convalescent Home. This splendid institution was established in 1886 by means of £10,000 contributed by the sons and daughters of the late Mr. R. H. Rhodes, of “Elmwood.” The building, which is a handsome twostorey structure erected in brick with stone facings, is divided into two wards for male and female patients, respectively. It stands on a magnificent plateau at a considerable elevation above the plain, having a magnificent view of the City of Christchurch and suburbs and the glorious snowy mountains in the distance. The site comprises an area of thirty acres of land, a portion of the Cashmere Estate, which has been leased for the Home for ninety-nine years. There are fourteen private rooms, a dormitory, two large dining-rooms, and a total accommodation for between twenty-five and thirty patients, public or private. The terms vary from fifteen shillings per week for dormitory patients to two guineas for private convalescents. The matron is assisted by a competent staff of indoor and outdoor servants. The property is invested in trustees. Six members of the managing committee are elected annually and the seventh member is nominated by the Rhodes family. The institution is supported by patients' fees, supplemented by subscriptions from the public.

Rhodes' Convalescent Home. Wrigglesworth and Binns, photo.

Rhodes' Convalescent Home. Wrigglesworth and Binns, photo.

Miss Maria Lucy Higgins, Matron of the Rhodes' Convalescent Home, was born at Cust. She was appointed matron of the Girls' College, Nelson, in 1889, and continued in that position till 1896, when she received the above appointment. Miss Higgins has studied under the St. John Ambulance Association and has gained the medallion.

Standish and Preece, photo.Miss M. L. Higgins.

Standish and Preece, photo.
Miss M. L. Higgins.