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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]

“The Weekly Press And Referee.”

The Weekly Press And Referee.” “The Weekly Press,” now an illustrated newspaper magazine of from seventy to seventy-six pages, was established in 1865 as a news summary for distant readers. It was by many years the first journal in New Zealand to illustrate current events, and on Mr. G. G. Stead becoming Chairman of Directors and Managing Director of the Christchurch Press Company, this side of its work was pushed with extraordinary enterprise, until the “Weekly Press” was looked upon throughout the colony as the New Zealand pictorial record. The “Weekly Press” was quick to avail itself of the then rising art of engraving in half-tone, and a strong process engraving department was established in the Press Company's buildings, in which a high standard of quality was made a first requirement. The “New Zealand Referee,” the official organ of most of the sporting clubs and associations of the colony, having been incorporated with the “Weekly Press,” the combination proved acceptable to the greater part of the population of New Zealand, and the circulation rose by leaps and bounds. This process was accelerated by the enterprise displayed when the Transvaal war broke out, such prompt arrangements being made for representation at the front by special photographers, that it was easily first in the field with illustrations of the fighting. The tone of the literary and social matter published in the “Weekly Press” makes it welcome in every family in the colony, and it enjoys a genuine popularity. New Zealanders are justly proud of the “Weekly Press” Christmas numbers, which, under the title of “New Zealand Illustrated,” have done wonders to exhibit the beauties of the colony and attract to it settlers and tourists.