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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]


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Waitekauri nestles among the hills, by which it is completely surrounded. In 1876 the township consisted of a 41-head stamper battery which had then been recently erected by Messrs Brown and Bleazard. The late Mr. E. M. Corbett was one of the pioneer settlers of the district, and at first the residences consisted of not more than half a dozen huts and shanties, which were dotted here and there in the bush, that then covered the entire township. Mr Thomas Gordon, who subsequently established a coach line to Paeroa, and erected a fine boardinghouse, which since his death has been conducted by his widow, settled in the district in the same year as Mr. Corbett. The district has advanced with the development of the Waitekauri and adjacent mines, and has progressed rapidly since 1896. There are two hotels in the township, a number of business places, a public hall, and a small church belonging to the Roman Catholics.

Waitekauri Township.

Waitekauri Township.

The Waitekauri Volunteer Fire Brigade, which was established in April, 1899, has twelve members, including officers. It has the usual appliances for subduing fires, and the officers for 1900 were: Messrs C. J. Collings (captain), J. Gordon (lieutenant), and J. Mines (secretary).

Captain Charles James Collings, of the Waitekauri Fire Brigade, is well known as an architect and builder. He was born in Wellington in 1870, but removed to Auckland, where he was apprenticed to Mr C. E. Cook, civil engineer, and continued in that gentleman's employment for four years. Mr. Collings afterwards worked at boat-building for Mr. R. Logan, of Auckland, and was subsequently engaged in the building trade at Northern Wairoa. In 1894 he removed to Waitekauri, where he established himself in business as an architect and builder. He gained a first-class certificate at the Auckland Exhibition of 1898–1899 for the design of a yacht, and also as the designer and builder of the one-rater yacht “Waitekauri,” built at Waitekauri, and which raced at Auckland in the summer of 1898–1899 for the one-rater championship. Mr. Collings was married in September, 1897, to a daughter of Mr. J. Nicholson, of Auckland, and has one son and one daughter.

Captain C. J. Collings.

Captain C. J. Collings.

Mr. William Charles Kennedy, Secretary of the Waitekauri Volunteer Fire Brigade, was born at the Thames in 1874, and was educated at Owharoa. He has been connected with the local fire brigade since September, 1899, and has held office as secretary since January, 1900.

The Waitekauri Post Office was erected in August, 1897, prior to which the postal business was conducted at local stores. The building contains a public vestibule, with a lobby, which contains forty-two private boxes, the postmaster's room, an operating and postal room, and the postmaster's residence. Two mails are daily received and despatched to Paeroa, and one to Golden Cross. Thames is the chief office for the district. The postmaster is assisted by a cadet and a messenger, and telegrams are delivered, but there is no house-to-house delivery of letters.

Waitekauri Post and Telegraph Office.

Waitekauri Post and Telegraph Office.

Mr. William Alfred Harding, Postmaster at Waitekauri, was born at Wanganui in 1856. Three years later his parents removed to Hawke's Bay, where he served his time as a printer in the “Times” office at the Spit. At the close of his term, in 1873, he joined the Telegraph Department as a messenger at the Spit, and two years later gained his cadetship. He was appointed to Temuka in 1875, and after being there six months, was removed to Napier, where he continued for two years. Mr. Harding was afterwards stationed for ten years as page 912 postmaster at Castlepoint, two years at Tenui, and seven years at Cullensville, Marlborough. After a year at the Lyell he was appointed to Waitekauri in 1898.

The Waitekauri Public School occupies a high position in the township, and faces Corbett Street. The original school building, which was erected about 1880, forms a portion of the present enlarged school premises. There are two class rooms and a porch, and accommodation for 106 children, but there were 140 on the roll with an average attendance of 120 in the January quarter of 1900. The headmaster is supported by one certificated assistant and two pupil teachers.

Mr. William Simmonds, Headmaster of the Waitekauri Public School, was born in 1870 at the Thames, where he was educated under Mr. Schofield, and at Waiokaraka. Public School. He served his apprenticeship as pupil teacher at Te Aroha and at the Thames, and was appointed sole teacher at Punakitere, on the Hokianga River, where he continued for three years and a half, and was appointed to Waitekauri in 1893. Mr. Simmonds is secretary of the local Oddfellows' Lodge, and vice-president of the Ohinemuri Rugby Union. In his early days he was an enthusiastic footballer. He was married, in 1897, to a daughter of Mr. J. S. Hope, of Waitekauri, and has one daughter.

The Waitekauri And Golden Cross Lodge, I.O.O.F., M.U., was established in July, 1899. Officers for 1900: Messrs C. E. Mace (N.G.), W. Rockell (V.G.), and W. Simmonds (secretary). There are 125 members, and meetings are held fortnightly in the Waitekauri Public Hall.

Court Pride Of Waitekauri, A.O.F., was established in June, 1899. Officers for 1900: Messrs A. A. Sutton (C.R.), C. J. Johnson (S.C.R.). P. Corbett (S.W.), R. J. Cotter (J.W.), R. Walker (S.B.), T. W. Hunt (J.B.), P. C. Elliott (treasurer), W. S. Morrin (secretary). There are about fifty members, and meetings are held each alternate Tuesday in the Waitekauri Hall.

Mr. William Somerville Morrin, Secretary of Court Pride of Waitekauri, and of the Waitekauri Jockey Club, was born at Remuera. Auckland, in 1876. He is the eldest son of the late Mr. Samuel Morrin, and was educated at St. John's College, Tamaki. After serving three years at the soft goods trade with Messrs McArthur and Co., he went to Waihi, and engaged in mining for a year. He then removed to the Thames, where he was employed by the Thames Hauraki Company, and studied at the Thames School of Mines, in which he obtained certificates as battery manager, assayer, and amalgamist. In June, 1898, he settled in the Waitekauri district, and was appointed superintendent of the Golden Cross battery, and foreman of the Waitekauri battery. Mr. Morrin is one of the managing committee of the Ohinemuri Rugby Union.

Waitekauri Jockey Club. Messrs R. Walker (chairman), W. S. Morrin (secretary) were the officers for 1900. The annual meeting of the Club is held in February of each year at the Waitekauri racecourse, which has a circle of 66 chains. The ground has been ploughed and laid down in grass.

Mr. Robert Walker, Chairman of the Waitekauri Jockey Club, was born in the North of Ireland in 1859. He came to Auckland in 1873, and has resided at the Thames and at Paeroa. Mr. Walker was appointed in 1898 to the position of storekeeper at the Waitekauri battery. He was one of the promoters of the local jockey club, with which he has been connected since its inception.

The “Golden Age” Newspaper (H. L. Snow, proprietor), Jamaica Street, Waitekauri. This journal was established in 1897; it is printed on a double demy sheet, and has four pages of seven columns each. It circulates chiefly in Waitekauri and Golden Cross, and is issued twice a week.

Mr. Harry Longueville Snow, J.P., was born at Clifton, Bristol, England, in 1859. He was educated at St. Peter's College, Westminster, London, and came to Lyttelton by the s.s. “Durham” in 1897, when he became a cadet on a station in the Rakaia district. Two years later he went to the West Coast, where he was for six years sub-editor of the “West Coast Times. Mr. Snow then purchased the “Kumara Times,” and conducted that journal for five years. He went to West Australia, and after touring the colonies for a time returned to New Zealand, and established in Wellington an evening paper named the “Echo,” which was short-lived. Mr. Snow then went to Waitekauri, and established the “Golden Age.” He was married, in 1880, to the daughter of Mr. A. Jaouen, of Brittany, France.

Tennent, Charles Fleetwood Emerson, Chemist and Druggist, Main Road. Waitekauri. This business was established in 1899. Mr. Tennent, who was born in Liverpool in 1872, came to the colony from Chicago at an early age with his parents. He learned his trade in Auckland, and after passing his examination as a chemist, in 1892, was in business in Auckland and Cambridge, and has now settled at Waitekauri.

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Professional, Commercial and Industrial.

Farrelly, Robert Goodfellow, News Agent and Stationer, Jamaica Street. Waitekauri. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. This business was established in 1896. Mr. Farrely represents the most important newspapers in Auckland and district, and acts as agent for the Imperial Fire Insurance Company. He was born in County Cavan, Ireland, in 1857, and was brought up to mercantile life. Mr. Farrelly came to Port Chalmers by the ship “Indiana,” and settled in Canterbury, where he was for ten years engaged chiefly in farming; and he was for a similar period employed in farming and mining in the Marlborough provincial district. In the end he settled in the Ohinemuri district, and established his present business. Mr. Farrelly is returning officer for the Waitekauri Riding of the Ohinemuri County Council. He was married, in 1881, to a daughter of Mr. J. Luxton, of Rangiora, and has three sons.

Johnston, Christopher, Baker and Confectioner, Jamaica Street, Waitekauri. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. This business was established about 1892, and was acquired by the present proprietor in 1898. The premises are centrally situated in the township, and Mr. Johnston's private residence occupies an elevated position not far from the post office. Mr. Johnston was born in 1872 at the Thames, where he was educated, and served an apprenticeship with Mr. W. Scott. He commenced business at the Thames in conjunction with a partner, and the firm was known as that of Johnston and Billings. After selling out his interest, Mr. Johnston removed to Waihi as baker for Mr. J. Darrow, and in due course acquired his present business. He is a member of the Loyal Waitekauri and Golden Cross Lodge of Oddfellows. Mr. Johnston was married, in 1890, to a daughter of Mr. Ensor, of the Thames, and has three sons and one daughter.

Hunt, Thomas William, Builder and Contractor, Plumber and Ironmonger, Main Street, Waitekauri. Mr. Hunt established his business in 1896, and the premises were built for the purpose. He was born at Thorningham, Northumberland, England, in 1868, came to Wellington with his parents in 1880, and was brought up as a carpenter.

Mccarthy And Sutton (Thomas McCarthy and Alfred Sutton), Tailors, Jamaica Street, Waitekauri. This firm also carries on business at Waihi. The Waitekauri branch was established in May, 1899.

Mr. Alfred Sutton, the Resident Partner, was born in Launceston, Tasmania, in 1866. In June, 1897, he settled at Waihi, and became a member of the firm of McCarthy and Sutton.

Hauraki Hotel (Samuel Draffin, proprietor), Main Street, Waitekauri. This hotel was established in 1896, and was acquired by the present proprietor in December, 1899. It is a two-storey, wooden building, with verandah and balcony, and contains forty-three rooms, available for the public, including thirty bedrooms, three sitting rooms and a commercial room.

Mr. Samuel Draffin, the Proprietor, is referred to in other articles as mine manager of the Grace Darling Company's mine, and as a member of the Ohinemuri County Council.

Gordon's Boardinghouse (Mrs Gordon, proprietress), near the Post Office, Waitekauri. This well known accommodation house occupies a very prominent position in the township. It is a comfortable place to stay at, and is carefully managed. Mrs Gordon is widow of the late Mr. Thomas Gordon, who died in 1898, leaving five sons and five daughters. The building is of wood, and of two stories, with a verandah and a balcony. It contains over thirty rooms, of which three are sitting rooms. There are twenty-seven bedrooms, and the dining room will seat from thirty to forty persons.

Mrs Gordon's Boardinghouse.

Mrs Gordon's Boardinghouse.

Mr. Thomas Gordon was born in County Tyrone, Ireland. He was brought up to country pursuits, and came out to New
Hanna, photo.The Late Mr. T. Gordon.

Hanna, photo.
The Late Mr. T. Gordon.

page 914 South Wales in 1864. In 1870 he was married to a daughter of the late Mr. Alexander Mackenzie, of Woolongong, New South Wales, and came to New Zealand in 1871. After being about five years on the Thames gold-fields, Mr. and Mrs Gordon settled in Waitekauri, where they purchased 100 acres of land. Mr. Gordon engaged in mining in the district up till almost the date of his death. He established a line of coaches between Waitekauri and Paeroa, and it is still continued by his sons. He also built and established the boardinghouse which still bears his name. Mr. Gordon occupied a prominent position in the town, and at one time held, in conjunction with others, the Waitekauri Mining Battery on tribute.

Norris, Arthur Hayward, Saddler and Harness-maker, Jamaica Street, Waitekauri. Mr. Norris was born in 1872 at the Bay of Islands. He was educated in Auckland, and served his apprenticeship there to the saddlery trade with Mr. W. S. Jones, with whom he worked as a journeyman for two years. After completing his term, he lived at Lake Takapuna with a brother, and took work at his trade during that time. For three months subsequently Mr. Norris was at sea. He settled in Waitekauri in 1897, and was engaged in mining for six months before establishing his present business. Mr. Norris is a member of the local Foresters' Court.

Rowe, W. and Co. (William Wesley Rowe, proprietor), Boot and Fancy Goods Importer, Jamaica Street, Waitekauri. Branch at Golden Cross. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. This flourishing drapery business was established in 1896, and the building now occupied was erected a year later. The premises consist of a corner shop with a verandah, two show windows, and a residence at the back.

Mr. William Wesley Rowe, Proprietor, was born in 1870 at the Thames, where he served his apprenticeship, and worked at his business until he established himself at Waitekauri. He is a nephew of the late Mr. William Rowe, of Caledonia mine fame.

Mr. W. W. Rowe.

Mr. W. W. Rowe.

Collings, Charles Alexander, Pork Butcher, Main Street, Waitekauri. Mr. Collings was born in London in 1841, and arrived in Auckland by the ship “Bombay” in 1865. He was for two years on board the Panama Company's boats, and was subsequently storekeeper for the same company in Wellington. In 1869 he commenced business in Wellington on his own account, and carried it on for seven years. He was afterwards farming in the Hutt Valley for four years, was in the employment of Messrs Fisher and Co., in Queen Street, Auckland, for about nine years, and settled at Waitekauri in 1890.

Cotter, Richard Joseph, Butcher, Main Road, Waitekauri. Branches, Waikino and Golden Cross. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. This business was established in May, 1897; the Golden Cross branch was opened in July of the same year, and that at Waikino in February, 1900. The building at Waitekauri was built for the purpose of the business, and a considerable trade is done by Mr. Cotter throughout the goldfields. Mr. Cotter was born in Cork, Ireland, and came to Auckland by the ship “Doratta”' in 1874. He was educated in the colony, and learned his trade with Mr. C. Mills, at Coromandel, where he commenced business on his own account in 1891. Fourteen months later he removed to Kuoatunu, where he was in business for fifteen months. He was afterwards manager of Mr. McLeod's shop at Coromandel, and was subsequently in business on his own account in Waikato, and at Rotorua, whence he removed to Waitekauri, and established his present business. Mr. Cotter is a member of the Order of Foresters, and is Sub-Chief Ranger of Court Pride of Waitekauri, 7598.

Mace, Charles Edward, Butcher, Jamaica Street, Waitekauri. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. This business was established in June, 1897, and was conducted by Mr. A. E. Wight up to the 1st of January, 1899, when Mr. Mace bought it. The premises are centrally situated, and consist of a large shop with an office and a small goods room, and accommodation for the men on the lower floor. Mr. Mace and his family occupy an adjoining residence of four rooms. Mr. Mace was born in 1870 at the Thames. He was educated at the public schools in Auckland, and learned his trade at Waitekauri. Mr. Mace is a member of the Loyal Waitekauri and Golden Cross Lodge, I.O.O.F., M.U., and held office as N.G. in 1900. He was married in January, 1898, to a daughter of Mr. James Pocock, of Waitekauri.

G. J. Foy, photo.Mr. C. E. Mace.

G. J. Foy, photo.
Mr. C. E. Mace.

Darrow, John, General Storekeeper, Jamaica Street, Waitekauri. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. This business, which was purchased by Mr. Darrow in 1893, was originally established by Messrs J. Phillips and Son. The premises, which have been considerably enlarged from time to time, comprise two large shops and an office, with residential quarters behind. A large stock is maintained, and a considerable trade is done in the Waitekauri, Golden Cross, and surrounding districts. Mr. Darrow page 915 was born in 1871 at the Thames, where he was educated and apprenticed to the drapery business. For a time he was manager at Paeroa for Messrs Hudson and Pitcaithly's business. He and a partner then bought the Waitekauri business of Messrs J. Phillips and Son, and the firm was known as that of O'Tool and Darrow. After twelve months Mr. Darrow bought his partner out, and conducted the business singly till 1896, when he disposed of his interest to Mr. W. Rogers. Six months later the business was sold to Mr. P. Cullen; and a year afterwards Mr. Darrow again bought it back. He is a member of the local Court of Foresters, and takes a general interest in athletics and local sport. Mr. Darrow was married in February, 1896, to a daughter of Mr. P. W. Ryan, of Waitekauri, and has one daughter.

Goldfields Co-Operative Stores, Ltd., (T. W. Simpson, manager). Branch, Golden Cross. Messrs E. B. Dufaur (chairman of directors), A. C. Harrison (secretary). S. H. Matthews (auditor). Head office, Hobson's buildings, Shortland Street, Auckland. The premises occupied by this well-known company were erected for the purpose of the business which was established in July, 1896. They have been twice enlarged, and consist of a large double-fronted shop with a verandah, and a bulk store situated at the back. The departments are devoted respectively to boots, groceries, ironmongery, explosives, mining requisites, crockery, and drapery.

Mr. Thomas Wetherall Simpson, Manager of the Goldfields Co-operative Stores, Ltd., was born in Glasgow in 1864, and came to Auckland with his parents when between two and three years of age. He was educated in Auckland. He joined the Telegraph Department, and remained in the service three years, but left in order to accept a clerkship in the New Zealand Freezing Company, Ltd., with which he remained five years. Mr. Simpson then removed to Ngaruawahia, and entered the service of the well-known firm of Messrs Friar, Davies and Co., in whose service he held a senior position for a period of ten years, during which he filled the offices of secretary and treasurer to the local polo club—of which he was also a player—and honorary secretary to the Ngaruawahia Racing Club. He was also an active member of the rowing, football, and dramatic clubs. Mr. Simpson severed his connection with Messrs Friar, Davies and Co. to start on his own account in Cambridge, Waikato, where he remained three years, during the last two of which he was a member of the Cambridge Borough Council. Subsequently he took the management of Mr. W. H. Wright's wholesale business at Paeroa, and remained in it until he was appointed to his present position on the 2nd of January, 1899. Mr. Simpson was married in September, 1896, to the only daughter of the late Mr. Josias Thurstan Gard, of Exeter, England, and grand-daughter of Mr. G. F. Dickeson, brewer, Ngaruawahia, Waikato.

G. J. Foy, photo.Mr. T. W. Simpson.

G. J. Foy, photo.
Mr. T. W. Simpson.

Mr. Percival Cumming Elliott, Accountant to the Goldfields Co-operative Stores Company, Ltd., was born in 1870 in Auckland. After being for four years in a solicitor's office, he was employed by Messrs Garlick and Cranwell for a year, and then became a receiving and forwarding agent on his own account on Queen Street Wharf, Auckland. Three years later he sold the business to Messrs A. B. Wright and Sons, with whom he continued for two years. Mr. Elliott was afterwards at Okoroire, storekeeping for Mr. T. C. Urquhart. He became accountant to Mr. H. McCleland in January, 1896, and on the business being sold to the Goldfields Co-operative Stores Company he was appointed to his present position. Mr. Elliott is treasurer of Court Pride of Waitekauri, A.O.F., and occupied the position of secretary till February, 1900.

McWatters, W. J., General Storekeeper, Main Road, Waitekauri. The principal branch is at Paeroa, and there are branches at Waihi, Waitekauri, and Karangahake. Manager at Waitekauri, Mr. J. Mines. Mr. McWatters established this branch in April, 1900, when he purchased the connection of Mr. W. Gardiner, who had conducted business for two years in the district.

McLennan And Hope (John Sommerville Hope), Carriers and Contractors, Jamaica Street, Waitekauri. Head office, Paeroa. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. This large business was established about 1893 by Mr. John McLennan. He was joined by Mr. Hope, the present proprietor, in 1896, and at the end of March Mr. Hope purchased his partner's interest. Mr. Hope carries on a large trade in the Ohinemuri district, and employs from forty to eighty horses and about a dozen waggons and drays.

Mr. John Sommerville Hope was born in Glasgow in 1845. His father and mother having died, he left Scotland in 1858, and landed at Sandridge, Victoria, with six pennies in his pocket. In 1861 he came to Otago to go to Gabriel's Gully “rush,” and subsequently served under Colonel Whitmore in the Hawke's Bay Defence Force until its disbandment. After that he ran coaches between Napier and Waipawa for a considerable time, and was subsequently for two years in the Timaru district. In 1868 he removed to the Thames, where he was engaged in mining till 1896, and was for seven years employed as shaftman and engine-driver at the Big Pump. He was also employed at
Foy Bros., photoMr. J. S. Hope.

Foy Bros., photoMr. J. S. Hope.

page 916 amalgamating work, was several times a battery manager, and worked the first experimental plant at the Thames. When Mr. Hope left the Thames School of Mines experimental plant he took charge of the Waihi Gold Mining Company's battery under Mr. T. H. Russell for about three years, and left that to take charge of the Waitekauri Company's battery, also under Mr T. H. Russell. He was one of the first to receive a battery superintendent's certificate. As a Freemason Mr. Hope is attached to Lodge Sir Walter Scott at the Thames, and to Lodges Ohinemuri and Paeroa. He was a member of the Thames Navals for a number of years, as a private and bandsman. Mr. Hope was married, in 1871, to a daughter of the late Mr. Hanlon, a military man, and has one son and two daughters, the latter being married.