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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]



Parkhurst. This district, which, in its original state, was mostly swamp and heavy ti-tree flat, was opened for settlement by the Government in 1880, and has since then made rapid progress owing to its position and the extra good quality of the land. Parkhurst school is about four miles from the township of Helensville, and the road is now metalled most of the distance. Midway is Messrs Ambury and English's creamery, which gets a large supply of milk from those who find that dairying suits them better than fattening cattle. Nearly opposite the creamery are the Hot Spring baths, the development of which only awaits the encouragement of capital and enterprise. From the rising ground there are very pretty views of the Kaipara harbour, and with its advantage of easy communication with Auckland by either road or rail, there are few places in the North Island to compare with Parkhurst. The road going through it terminates at the Kaipara Heads, where Mr. Alfred Buckland owns a large station. Parkhurst is forty-two miles from Auckland, and it has a bi-weekly mail service.

Archibald, James, Farmer, Parkhurst. Mr. Archibald was born in Nairnshire in 1851 and educated in the Old Country. He learned the trade of a shipwright, and was page 633 for six years at sea. He then came to the Colonies and carried on business as a shipbuilder at Port Pirie in South Australia, for six years. In 1882 he came to New Zealand and purchased his property “Glencairn,” at Parkhurst. The farm consists of 140 acres and carries about forty head of cattle, nine or ten horses and about sixty sheep. Mr. Archibald is some-what of an experimental farmer and has tried various crops on his land, many of which have been unsuccessful, but on the whole his property has proved a profitable investment.

Ferrall, Robert, Farmer, “Te Whareti Farm,” Parkhurst, Kaipara. The subject of this notice is a son of the late Mr. George Ferrall, who was for many years a member of the Auckland Provincial Council from 1863 up to the time of his death. Mr. R. Ferrall was one of the first that went into the “King Country” before and after it was opened to Europeans. He has executed many large works in the North Island, but what he looks back upon with most pleasure is being the builder of the first water-works in the town of Onehunga, the place he was brought up in. Mr. Ferrall, who has six sons and three daughters, married the daughter of Dr. Hamilton, of Waikato, one of the oldest colonists in New Zealand. Dr. Hamilton took an active part in the Waikato war, and on one occasion his life was saved by the celebrated chief Rewi.

Hanna, photo.Mr. R. Ferrall.

Hanna, photo.Mr. R. Ferrall.

Captain James Alexander MacMahon, J.P., who is a retired English military officer, resides at “Woodlands,” Parkhurst, where he owns a fattening farm of about 300 acres. The homestead is a picturesque building with twelve is a picturesque building with twelve commodious rooms. Near the house are two acres of a flourishing orchard. Captain MacMahon was born at Newry, North of Ireland, in 1841, and educated at Trinity College, Dublin, with a view to entering the army. His father, the late Mr. James MacMahon, was a magistrate of the county. On finishing his collegiate course Capt. MacMahon joined the 30th Regt. in 1861, as ensign, and went to Canada. On his return to England in 1865 he retired and went into the shipping business in Liverpool, where he remained until 1878, when through ill-health he sold his interest in the firm and came to New Zealand by the ship “Famenoth,” and soon after his arrival purchased his present property. Capt. MacMahon was a member of the Waitemata County Council for many years, and acted as chairman for three years. He was also, to the time of his retirement as member, chairman of the Parkhurst School Committee, and may be considered the virtual founder of the school, as he was the first man to agitate for its inauguration. Capt. MacMahon is also a member of the licensing committee, and an old Master Mason. He is married to a daughter of Mr. W. A. MacFarlane, o Montreal, formerly of Inverness.