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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]

Mr. Mander

Mr. Mander, the Senior Partner, was born at Onehunga, in 1849, and his parents left for Wairoa South in 1856. At the age of ten years, he went out to work, and after working as an employee for twelve years, he secured a piece of bush land and commenced farming. In 1876 he married, and in 1881, he sold out his farm, as dairy farming in his case did not prove sufficiently remunerative to support a young family without assistance. He then purchased a mill and a small bush at Awitu, which was worked out in a little over a year, with fair success. In 1882 he went to Wellsford, in Albertland, where he carried on the kauri baulk trade, until the bush was exhausted, when he settled at Pukekararo, and took in Mr. Bradley as a partner. The partners there opened up a large bush and carried on the business until 1888, when it was sold to the Kauri Timber Company. In 1889 Messrs Mander and Bradley built a mill at Port Albert, which is still running, and in 1895, the firm erected another mill at Nihotapu, Waitakerei Ranges. The firm constructed a tram over the ranges, lowering the timber about 900 feet in a mile, and thus successfully overcame the difficulties that had previously kept the timber out of the market. Mr. Mander has not taken any active part in political or municipal affairs, although he is an enthusiastic member of the National Association, as his time has been fully occupied in fighting the battle of life; the only hobby he indulges in is the pursuit of art, and although he is not an artist by education, he has to some extent developed his artistic endowments.

Hanna, photo.Mr. F. Mander.

Hanna, photo.
Mr. F. Mander.