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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]

Weekly Papers

Weekly Papers.

“The Observer,” a society journal, was founded on the 18th of September, 1880, and after various changes it fell into the hands of Messrs J. L. Kelly and Baulf, with Mr. Kelly, who wielded a vigorous pen, as its editor. Since 1891, the paper has been owned by Messrs Geddis and Blomfield, under whose guidance it has had considerable prosperity. The present owners have introduced several new and attractive features, and have run the journal upon such popular and successful lines that it has gained an extensive circulation. The “Observer” cartoons, by “Blo,” hitting off the passing humours of the hour, have a colonial reputation, and have done much to popularise the paper, and extend its business.

“The New Zealand Illustrated Sporting And Dramatic Review And Licensed Victuallers' Gazette” was founded in 1890 by Mr. Harry Hayr, and was subsequently taken over by Messrs Arthur Cleave and Co., the present proprietors. It deals with the drama and sporting life in New Zealand in a very capable manner, and its illustrations, in both branches of its work, are extremely creditable. The paper is issued weekly, and has a large circulation all over the colony. As its name implies, the journal is the official organ of the licensed victuallers.

“The New Zealand Graphic” is another evidence of the enterprise of Mr H. Brett. It was the pioneer of illustrated journals in New Zealand, and although it has now several rivals in the field it continues to hold a leading position. For high-class artistic merit its engravings compare favourably with the best work of the kind in Australasia, and no other colonial journal so completely fulfils the ideal of a family magazine. The “Graphic” was established in 1891, and has made itself popular all over the colony. Its pictures, social news, stories, sketches, and miscellaneous notes supply weekly entertainment to thousands of homes, and on the occasion of any public function its special numbers are always looked forward to with eager interest by its readers. Mr. A. M. Ferguson, the present editor of the “Graphic,” has been in charge of the journal for several years.