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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Auckland Provincial District]

Professor Frederick Douglas Brown

Professor Frederick Douglas Brown, Hon. M.A. (Oxford), B.Sc. (London), F.C.S., Professor of Chemistry and Experimental Physics at Auckland University College, was born at Woodford, Essex, England, in 1851. After the usual school education he went to Strasbourg, where he studied chemistry at the University under M. Lies-Bonard, and eventually obtained the degree of B.Sc. in the University of France. In 1870 Professor Brown returned to England and passed a short time in the chemical laboratory at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, then under the direction of Dr. Matthiessen. After the death of the latter, Professor Brown passed two years at the Royal College of Chemistry, under Dr. Frankland, and one year in the study of the higher branches of chemistry at Professor Kolbe's laboratory in the University page 199 of Leipsic. Returning to London in the summer of 1873, Professor Brown obtained the degree of B.Sc. in the University of London. He worked at researches in organic chemistry with Dr. H. E. Armstrong at the London institution, and for two years subsequently was engaged in some elaborate experiments in physical chemistry, which were carried on in the laboratories of the Royal School of Mines. Professor Brown was appointed to the Chair of Chemistry in the Auckland University College in 1883, and arrived in the Colony to take up that position in May of that year. He is the author of various scientific papers, which have appeared in the Journal of the Chemical Society, and other kindred periodicals.