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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]

Private Secretaries

Private Secretaries.

Mr. T. H. Hamer, Private Secretary to the Premier, should have been referred to on page 50 as the younger son of the Rev. Thomas Hamer. The date of Mrs. Hamer's death should have appeared as the 26th of August, instead of September, and the deceased lady was the mother of Mr. Hamer's only son.

Mr. James Gray retired from the position of Assistant Private Secretary to accept an appointment on the Hansard staff.

Mr. William Crow, who was Private Secretary to the Hon. W. P. Reeves (vide page 52), now occupies the position of Assistant Private Secretary to the Premier.

Mr. R. H. Govett, who was Private Secretary to the late Sir P. A. Buckley (vide page 52), continues to fill the duties of Chief Clerk in the Colonial Secretary's office.

Mr. F. Hyde, who is mentioned on page 53 as Secretary to the Hon. J. G. Ward, is now an officer of the Lands Department.

Mr. R. A. Pyke, who is referred to on page 54, has retired from the position of Private Secretary to the Hon. J. Carroll.

Mr. Vernon Lipman Willeston, Private Secretary to the Colonial Secretary, Commissioner of Stamps and Minister in charge of Native Affairs, is a son of Councillor Willeston, of the Wellington Corporation. Born in the Capital in 1868, and educated at Wellington College, Mr. Willeston joined the Civil Service in the Railway Department as a cadet in 1884. After some eighteen months he was transferred to the Audit Department, where he served for five years as clerk. In 1890 he enjoyed a trip to England, returning to the Colony early in 1892. Mr. Willeston re-joined the public service shortly afterwards, and here he continued till his appointment to the position he now holds in May, 1896. He takes a general interest in recreation, being attached to various athletic clubs in the city.

Mr. Charles Edward Morton Horneman, Private Secretary to the Minister for Public Works, is the eldest son of Mr. Morton Horneman, farmer, of Hawera, and grandson of Captain Frederick E. Horneman, who emigrated to New Zealand in page 1496 the early days and settled in the Nelson Province. He was born in 1872 at Waikare, North Canterbury, was educated at Hawera, and on leaving school he entered the office of the Hawera and Normanby Star to learn the trade of a compositor. Nearly three years later Mr. Horneman secured an engagement in the office of Messrs McCutcheon and Co., grain and produce merchants, where he gained a good knowledge of mercantile life during a period of two years. Owing to failing health he went to the South Island, where he found a change of scene and employment on a sheep-station very beneficial. In 1892 he entered the Civil Service in Wellington as a clerk in the Public Works Department. Having learned shorthand during his period of work in the Empire City, he was, in February, 1896, selected for the position of Private Secretary to the Hon. Mr. Hall-Jones. Mr. Horneman lakes considerable interest in athletics generally, and is a member of the Wellington Football Club.

Mr. Charles Edward Matthews, Private Secretary to the Minister for Justice and Defence, was born in Havelock, Marlborough, in 1872. Educated at the local public school, he passed the Civil Service examination, and was appointed to the Treasury in January, 1889. Remaining in that branch of the service till September, 1895, he was transferred to the Department of Justice, to fill the vacancy caused by the appointment of Mr. R. C. Sim to the Registrarship of the Validation Court at Gisborne. Having studied shorthand privately, he suceeded in gaining a speed certificate for proficiency up to 150 words per minute, and, in March, 1896, was appointed to the responsible position he now fills. Mr. Matthews formerly took an interest in Volunteering, and was a member of the Wellington City Rifles for six years. He is also a member of the Wellington Football Club and Star Boating Club, and has represented the latter at various regattas.