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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]

Professional, Commercial And Industrial

Professional, Commercial And Industrial.

Fairbrother, George Augustus, Auctioneer and General Storekeeper, “The Carterton Market,” Carterton. The business premises are in the centre of the town, and regular sales of furniture and general merchandise are held. Further particulars of Mr. Fairbrother will be found as councillor for the borough of Carterton.

Wolters, H. H., Land and Financial Agent, Carterton, and district manager in the Wairarapa for the Phœnix Assurance Company and the Colonial Mutual Life Association. Further notice of Mr. Wolters will be found under “Carterton Borough Council,” of which he is town clerk.

Wood, Frederick Henry, Auctioneer, Valuator, Stock, Estate and Commission Agent, High Street, Carterton. This office is a branch of the main business at Greytown, described in that section, and was established in 1878. Sales of goods and merchandise are held on alternate Saturdays, and stock sales are conducted at Taratahi every second Tuesday. The building, which is admirably suited for auction sales, is most spacious, the auction-room being about 50 feet by 25 feet. At the rear are stables for the accommodation of horses and traps of intending buyers. The branch is under the management of Mr. Frederick William Wood, the eldest son of the proprietor. Mr. Wood was born in Victoria in 1873, and has always been in his father's employ. He is a member of the local Lodge of Oddfellows, and is also a member of the Wairarapa Agricultural and Pastoral Society, and of the Taratahi Racing Club. He is married, and has one child.

Armstrong, Adam, Commission Agent, High Street, Carterton.

Anderson, Edmond, Authorized and Licensed Surveyor, High Street, Carterton. Mr. Anderson was born at Linlithgow, Scotland, in 1834, and was educated in the Scottish capital. He served his apprenticeship with Messrs. Wiley and Peddie, a noted surveying and civil engineering firm of that city. In 1857 he came to New Zealand by the ship “Maori,” and was engaged for fifteen years in the Government Survey and Engineering Department. Mr. Anderson came to settle down in the Wairarapa in 1869, and has practised his profession ever since that time.

Billows, Walter George, Photographer, High Street, Carterton. This business was established in 1895 by Messrs. Billows and Smith, and is now carried on by Mr. Billows solely. The studio is very conveniently situated for the public, being a few doors from the Bank of New Zealand. The operator, Mr. Shannon, has had considerable experience in his profession, having served ten years with Mrs. Herrmann, of Wellington, and the retoucher, Mr. Gaze, was for some years with Mr. C. H. Manning and Mr. Eden George, both of Christchurch. Every branch of photography is undertaken in the establishment, and the work turned out is considered first-class. Enlargements are a specialty with Mr. Billows.

Whyte, Andrew Law, Baker, Grocer, and Restaurateur, High Street, Carterton. Telegraphic address, “Whyte, Carterton.” P.O. Box 31. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. This well-known business was established in 1875, and is one of the most flourishing in the Wairarapa. The building is of wood and iron, and has a floor space of about 3500 square feet. The shop, one of the finest in the district, is 40 by 30 feet, and is fitted with two counters. There is a large store-room where goods are kept in bulk until needed for the bakehouse or the shop. The bakehouse is large and commodious, and is fitted with two ovens and all modern page 915 Andrew Law Whyte conveniences. In connection with the business there are good stables and a buggy shed, where five horses and five traps are kept. Most of the trade is done in Carterton and the surrounding district, but orders are frequently received from distant towns and villages. In the bakery and confectionery departments specialties are made of hampers for picnic parties, and of wedding, birthday, and christening cakes. In these lines Mr. Whyte does a large trade, and has the satisfaction of knowing that his efforts are appreciated by the general public. The premises have quite a busy appearance, and there is every indication that a large and prosperous business is done. Mr. Whyte is a native of Scotland, and, after receiving his education, was apprenticed to Mr. Wm. Balderson, of Kirkcaldy, with whom he learned his trade, completing his indentures in 1863. Resolved to see something of the world, he left his native land, and went to the United States of America, where he conducted a business for some time at Topeka, Kansas. He subsequently returned to England, and in 1875 set sail from London to New Zealand in the good ship “Hannibal.” Mr. Whyte has always taken an interest in the local governing bodies of his district.

Coker, Mrs. Emma, Confectioner and Fruiterer, Curterton. Established 1893.

Moessner, Miss, Confectioner and Fruiterer, High Street, Carterton. Established 1891.

Smith, Charles John, Builder, High Street, Carterton. Born in Middlesex. England, in 1852, and educated in London, he was apprenticed to Mr. Crawley, architect and builder, of the West End. Mr. Smith came to New Zealand in 1873 per ship “Halcione.” After working at his trade in Wellington for some time, he went into partnership with Mr. Clements, as “Clements and Smith.” In 1876 Mr. Smith came to Carterton, and after working at his trade till 1880 he became foreman in Mr. William Booth's timber yard, which position he held for over ten years, when he resumed his trade.

Downard, William, Tailor and Habitmaker, High Street, Carterton. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Downard is a native of London, and learned his business with an uncle at Brighton, subsequently studying cutting at Pooles, London, under one of the foremen of that well-known high-class tailoring house. He came to New Zealand per ship “Lady Jocelyn” in 1883, and settled in Carterton, establishing himself in the same year. The freehold premises occupied by Mr. Downard are centrally situated. The building, which is of wood and one story in height, is from plans by Mr. Andrews, the builder being Mr. Trotman, and the floorage space being 1600 square feet. Mr. Downard's specialties are bespoke work of all kinds and ladies' tailor-made garments. Mr. Downard is secretary of the Carterton public library.

Trigance, Frank Joseph, Tailor, Belvedere Road, Carterton. Bankers, Bank of New South Wales. Mr. Trigance is a native of Christchurch. where he was apprenticed to Mr. J. Preece, completing his term in 1890. He removed to Wellington and worked for the late Mr. J. Reid for about a year. Mr. Trigance then accepted a position as manager of Mr. Webb's business in Carterton, which he conducted for eighteen months. He established himself in business in 1893. The building occupied by him is of wood and iron, one story in height, and having about 1800 square feet of floorage space. Mr. Trigance does an order trade only, and has already secured an extensive local connection.

Paterson, A., Tailor, High Street, Carterton. This is a branch of the main business at Wellington, Mr. John Kean being manager.

Baggarley, Augustus Henry, Cabinetmaker, High Street, Carterton. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Baggarley—a young colonial—who is the son of an old settler in the district, occupies a commodious wooden building erected on a freehold section, having a considerable frontage to High Street. The premises contain about 1600 square feet of floorage space. The shop, which is situated in the street frontage, is well stocked, principally with furniture made on the premises. Behind the shop the proprietor has his workroom, where all the usual appliances necessary for the cabinetmaking trade are found. The business is a steadily growing one, the proprietor being a sound tradesman, who gained a large part of his experience with the well-known firm of Andrews and Co., Willis Street, Wellington. The various articles produced display capable workmanship.

Gaulton, Harry, Cabinetmaker and Upholsterer, High Street, Carterton. This business is claimed to be the oldest of its kind in the town, having been established by Mr. Alfred Andrews in 1880. Mr. Gaulton took over the business in 1890, and has been fairly successful. The present premises are nearly opposite the Post-office, Mr. Gaulton having decided to move from the original premises into the centre of the town. He does all his own turning, but has a man constantly employed, and in the busy season has always to take on extra hands. Mr. Gaulton was born in the Old Country in 1868, and came to New Zealand when nine years of age. He served his apprenticeship with Mr. Andrews, the founder of the business. Mr. Gaulton is a total abstainer, and is married, having one child.

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Hughes, Thomas H., Hairdresser, Tobacconist, and Taxidermist, High Street, Carterton. This business has been conducted by the present proprietor since 1893. The saloon is well fitted up with curios, stags' heads, and birds, and a choice assortment of tobaccos and cigars is kept in the shop. Mr. Hughes was born and educated in Christchurch. He was apprenticed to the hairdressing business, in which he has had considerable experience. He takes an active interest in outdoor sports, and frequently gives a trophy to be competed for by the local clubs. As a member of the Forester's Order, he is attached to the local Lodge.

Reid, John Carson, Hairdresser, Tobacconist, and Fancy Goods Dealer, High Street, Carterton. This is claimed to be the oldest established business in the town, but has been conducted by the present proprietor only since 1891. Mrs. Reid looks after the shop, while the hairdressing saloon is in the charge of an expert. Mr. Reid was born at the Hutt in 1851, and is the third son of the late Mr. Reid, who came to the Colony with his wife in 1840. Mr. Reid, senr., settled at the Hutt, but in 1858 came to the Wairarapa, and was accidentally killed in 1866. The subject of this notice worked on the farm after his father's death and helped to support his widowed mother. He was married in 1878, and has eight children. Mr. Reid takes a great interest in sport, and was one of the originators of the Carterton Rifle Club. In his younger days he was a splendid athlete, and put up a record for 220 yards flat, which, it is claimed, has not been beaten in the Wairarapa.

Marquis of Normanby Hotel (H. B. Tucker, proprietor), High Street, Carterton. Telegraphic address, “Marquis, Carterton.” P.O. Box 29. Bankers, Bank of
Mr. H. B. Tucker.

Mr. H. B. Tucker.

New Zealand. The Marquis of Normanby Hotel stands in the very centre of Carterton, on a three-acre section. It is a really fine hotel, with about twenty extra large bedrooms, besides several smaller ones. The dining-room is large, and the drawing-rooms and parlours are all well furnished and very comfortable. The ladies' drawing-room is especially handsome. The commercial-rooms, club-rooms, and billiard-room are well provided, the stables and paddocks are all that could reasonably be desired, and are under the immediate super-vision of Mr. Tucker. The “Marquis” was erected in 1876, and came into the possession of Mr. Tucker in 1892. It was then thoroughly renovated. There are three sample-rooms, all large and well-shelved. The “Marquis” has always been a favourite hostelry, and has recently been distinguished by the Commercial Travellers' Association, a private club-room having been recently fitted up, it having been selected for their patronage in Carterton. The proprietor is popular in Carterton, and was formerly favourably known at Tuapeka and Balclutha. Mr. Tucker was born in Devonshire, England, in 1857, and came to the Colony in 1880. He has since visited England, remaining three years, and returning in 1892. Mrs. Tucker—a very amiable lady—looks after the domestic affairs of the hotel, and leaves nothing to be desired. Six servants are employed in the hotel and three in the stables. Mr. Tucker takes an active interest in the local sporting clubs, and as a Mason is attached to the Lodge Clutha.

Royal Oak Hotel (Henry Franks, proprietor), High Street, Carterton. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Established 1865.

Armstrong, Philip James, Saddler and Harness Maker, High Street, Carterton. Established in business in 1889, Mr. Armstrong, who is assisted by one of his sons, manufactures all kinds of harness on the premises by hand work, and keeps a stock of the best imported saddles. Mr. Armstrong was born in Wellington in 1843, where his father was in business as a saddler in Lambton Quay. After working at the trade in the Empire City till August, 1867, he came to the Wairarapa and started in business at Greytown, residing there till 1882, when he came to Carterton. He worked as journeyman for eight years, after which he started in business in the present premises. Mr. Armstrong is a member of the Druids' Lodge.

Dudson, J. A., Saddler and Harness and Collar Maker, High Street, Carterton. Telegraphic address, “Dudson, Carterton.” Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, attached to business premises. This thriving business was established over twenty years ago, and became the property of Mr. Dudson in 1884. During the last few years it has gone ahead surprisingly. An exceptionally fine shop, with dwelling attached, has been erected (on the opposite side of the street from the smaller structure), by Mr. R. H. Edwards, the well-known builder, of Wellington, and it has been stocked with imported and manufactured goods of very fine quality. Mr. Dudson commands the lion's share of the trade of Carterton and surrounding districts. In horse covers, rick covers, etc., he defies competition, as he possesses exceptional facilities for the manufacture of these goods. His trade in them, therefore, is very large. Mr. Dudson was born at Kaiapoi, near Christchurch, and learned his business there with his brother, Mr. Thomas Dudson, completing his apprenticeship in 1880. He is popular throughout the district wherein he resides, and is, at the present time, captain of the fire brigade.

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Moriarty, William, Boot Manufacturer, Draper, Clothier, Grocer, Ironmonger, Wine and Spirit Merchant, etc., High Street, Carterton. Telegraphic address, “Moriarty, Carterton.” P.O. Box 14. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Moriarty was born in the “Auld Counthry,” and came to New Zealand in 1887, via San Francisco, after learning his business with Mr. Daniel Ward, of Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, U.S.A. On arrival in Wellington, Mr. Moriarty went into business in the boot line, and was well known in the Empire City in that capacity for some five years. He then, in 1882, removed to Carterton, and began there in a very small way as compared to the present extensive establishment. His premises are partly of two stories, having a frontage of sixty-four feet to the main street, with an additional store and factory at the back. Mr. Moriarty is a direct importer, and does a large trade in Carterton and surrounding districts.

Armstrong, Ralph Robert, Saddler and Harness Maker, High Street, Carterton. Established 1872 by present proprietor.

Catt, Henry, Saddler, High Street. Carterton.

Krahagan, A. H., Boot and Shoemaker. High Street, Carterton. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Established 1883, and conducted by the present proprietor since 1892.

Pepper, Joseph S., Bootmaker, High Street, Carteron. Established 1893.

Smith, Henry Farr, Bootmaker, High Street, Carterton. Established 1890.

Deller, George William, Butcher, Carterton. This business was established in 1880, and is now the largest in Carterton. The slaughter-yards are in Morton Road. Further particulars of Mr. Deller's career are given under the heading “Borough of Carterton.”

Wilton, William Henry, Butcher and Stock Dealer, Belvedere Road, Carterton. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. This business, which was established in 1888 by the present proprietor, is conducted in a wood and iron building, having twenty-six feet frontage to Belvedere Road. Mr. Wilton's slaughterhouse is situated on his freehold farm—252 acres in extent—at Maungatarere, where he raises stock and engages in farming operations generally. He is also a buyer for several of the Wellington butchers. Mr. Wilton, who was born in 1862 in the Empire City, was brought up to the business of a butcher, and erected the first butcher's and grocer's shop in Wadestown. He was at one time member of the Wadestown Road Board and School Committee.

Feist, Frank, General Storekeeper and Grain Merchant, High Street, Carterton. Telegraphic and cable address, “feist, Carterton.” P.O. Box 20. Bankers, Bank of New South Wales. Mr. Feist is a native of London, and came to New Zealand in 1865 per ship “Commodore.” He learned his business with his uncle, Mr. Edwin Feist, of Masterton, and founded the present business in Clareville in 1881, removing the same to Carterton in 1889. The building, which, appears in the engraving below, is of one story, and is built of wood and iron, and contains 2000 square feet of floorage space. Mr. Feist is a direct importer of crockery, drapery and grocery, in all of which lines he keeps a large up-to-date stock. He does a large grain trade, his turnover in a recent year being fully 12,000 bushels. Behind the shop Mr. Feist has erected a large two-story granary, which has a capacity equal to 2000 sacks. He is agent for the Alliance Assurance Company and the New Zealand Accident Insurance Company. His business extends throughout the entire Wairarapa district. During Mr. Feist's residence in Clareville, he was chairman of the local school committee for three consecutive years.

Mr. F. Feist's Premises, High Street.

Mr. F. Feist's Premises, High Street.

Moore, Willie, General Storekeeper, Carterton. Mr. Moore was born in Carterton in 1863, and after leaving school worked for some time with his father, whose business he took over in 1890. Further information about Mr. Moore is given under the heading “Borough of Carterton.”

Skelley, S. C., General Storekeeper, High Street, Carterton. Telegraphic Address, “Skelley, Carterton.” P.O. Box 38. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Skelley's general store was established a quarter of a century ago; but it has been conducted by the present proprieter for only some five or six years. The premises are of wood and iron, two stories high, and have a frontage of sixty feet to the principal street of Carterton. The imports include almost all classes of merchandise, and a good trade is done throughout the Wairarapa. The Standard Fire Insurance Company have appointed Mr. Skelley their agent for the Carterton district. Mr. Skelley was born in Tasmania, and arrived in New Zealand per s.s. “Ringarooma,” from Melbourne, in 1876, having previously learned his business with his father in Launceston. Mr. Skelley is well and favourably known throughout the province, having been in business in Marton prior to taking the above store. He married a daughter of Mr. George Criehton, of Ashurst.

Anderson, Charles, Storekeeper, High Street, Carterton. Established by present proprietor in 1895.

Baylis, Jas., junr., General Storekeeper, High Street, Carterton. Taken over by present proprietor in 1896 from Mr. W. J. Berrill.

King, Alfred, General Storekeeper, High Street, Carterton. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Established 1883, and conducted by present proprietor since 1888.

Stevens, James, Sawmiller, Dalefield and Carterton Road, Carterton. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Stevens carries on a large business, and employs about thirty men. Further notice of Mr. Stevens will be found under the heading “Borough of Carterton.”

Angove, William Edward, Carpenter and Wheelwright, High Street, Carterton. Established 1888.

Erickson, P. A., Coachbuilder, Carterton.

Meenken, Frederick Theodore, Clothier and General Dealer, High Street, Carterton. Established 1871.

Greathead, H., Blacksmith, Premier Shoeing Forge, High Street, Carterton. Established 1869.

Underhill, Thomas Green, Tinsmith and Plumber, High Street, Carterton, Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Established 1874.

McEwen, Edward, Blacksmith, High Street, Carterton. Established 1891.

Wallace and Masson (George John Wallace and William Topp Masson), Blacksmiths, Coachbuilders, and Wheelwrights, South Wairarapa Implement and Carriage Works, High Street, Carterton, Established 1894.

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Barnett, Thomas, Nurseryman, Victoria Nursery, Carterton, Established 1894.

Blomquist, John, Fruitgrower and Nurseryman, Carterton.

Giles, Charles Henry, Livery and Bait Stable Proprietor, High Street, Carterton. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Establishied 1889.

Hooker, Robert, Carrier, Carterton.

Osborne, George, Livery Stable Keeper, Carterton. Established 1884.

Sullivan, Denis, Carrier, Carterton.

Bish, Alfred, Watchmaker, Jeweller, and Optician, High Street, Carterton. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Established 1883, and conducted by present proprietor since 1892.