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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]

Professional, Commercial And Industrial

Professional, Commercial And Industrial.

MacFarlane, Archibald Richard, Licensed Interpreter and Native Agent, Main Street, Greytown. Private residence, Vogel Street, Greytown. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Born in Auckland in 1850, Mr. MacFarlane has been a resident of the Wairarapa for the last twenty-nine years. He has been engaged largely in horse dealing, and as a lover of the turf he has had quite a number of winners in his stable, one of the most prominent being the chaser Kangaroo, which still lives at the age of thirty. Mr. MacFarlane is a totalisator proprietor, and has undertaken the handicapping at some of the principal meetings in the Archibald Richard MacFarlane Wairarapa. As a native interpreter he acts for many of the native in the district.

Stone, R. G., Accountant and Public Auditor, Main Street, Greytown; offices, opposite Working Men's Club. Mr. Stone was an accountant in Dunedin for many years. His business in Greytown was established in 1894. He holds the office of Secretary to the Wairarapa Liberal Association.

Wood, Frederick Henry, Land and General Auctioneer, Stock and Station Agent, Accountant, and Valuer, Main Street, Greytown. Cable address, “Wood, Greytown North.” Code ABC; P.O.Box 19. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Branches at Carterton, Featherston, and Martinborough. Private residence, Great Frederick Street. This business was established in 1875, and has been successfully conducted since that date by the present proprietor. The freehold premises in Greytown are built of wood and iron, and are one story in height, the floorage space being close on 3000 square feet. The Carterton premises contain over 2000 square feet of
Mr. F. H. Wood's Premises, Main Street.

Mr. F. H. Wood's Premises, Main Street.

floorage. The stock saleyards at Taratahi include about 2 acres in yards besides paddock, and are capable of accommodating 15,000 sheep and 2000 head of cattle. The Tauherinikau yards are now being largely increased, and will hold 7000 sheep, and 200 head of cattle. The yards at Martinborough will accommodate 20,000 sheep. Periodical sales are held at these yards, and a very considerable business is done. Mr. Wood is agent for the Australian Mutual Provident Society, and the South British Fire and Marine Insurance Company, both of which agencies he has held for 20 years. He also represents the Massey-Harris Company, the Dresden Piano Company, the Scottish and New Zealand Investment Society, and has many sheep dip and other agencies. Mr. Wood is a native of London, and arrived in Victoria in 1867, per ship “Essex,” having been apprenticed to Messrs. Devas and Routledge, of Cannon Street, London, W., wholesale soft goods merchants. He had also further business experience in London. After spending some years in Victoria, he came to New Zealand in 1874. A short time was spent in Wellington, then he settled in the Wairarapa. Mr. Wood may be classed among the successful men of the Colony. He has long been prominent in political life. He is still a member of the Greytown Borough Council, of which he was for saven years the Mayor. He was a justice of the peace for 10 years, but resigned the position owing to pressure of business.
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Andrew, William, Authorised and Licensed Surveyor, Main Street, Greytown. Mr. Andrew is the eldest son of the Rev. J. C. Andrew, of Ica Station, and a brother of Mr. J. C. Andrew, of the firm of Hamerton and Andrew, barristers and Solicitors, Wellington. He was educated at Nelson College, and served as a cadet in the Government Survey Department. He afterwards worked for some time as assistant to different surveyors, and in 1893 established the present business. He is a member of the Greytown Lodge of Freemasons. Mr. Andrew is married to Miss Mackay, granddaughter of the late Mr. Morrison, of Glenmorgan, after whom Morrison Bush is named.

Drummond, Thomas McKay, Authorised Surveyor, Main Street, Greytown. The son of one of the earliest settlers, Mr. Drummond was born in Wellington in 1846. Educated at Toomath's School, he joined the Government Survey Department as a cadet. During his ten years service he was employed in triangulation and sectional survey work in Wellington Province. Leaving the Government staff when assistant surveyor, he started for himself, and was engaged in Government contract and Native Lands Court service. After a number of years at Feilding, during which he had some stirring experiences with the Maoris, Mr. Drummond compiled in 1880 the first lithographed maps of the Manawatu and Rangitikei districts. Removing to Masterton, he remained seven years, during which he prepared the lithographed plans of that borough. Since settling in Greytown in 1887, he has prepared an exceedingly useful plan of Greytown and surrounding districts, showing roads with names, rivers, houses, names of occupiers, and a scale for measuring distances on the guide plan. Mr. Drummond is now in a fairly lucrative private practice and though thirty years in the field, declares that his faculties are as keen and his body as strong as the day he entered the work. Severa of his pupils are now in practice for themselves. He is a married Thomas McKay Drummond man with a small family. At different times Mr. Drummond has been prominently connected with racing and athletic clubs; he is also an enthusiastic chess-player.

Murray, Andrew Hugh, Civil Engineer, Greytown. Born in Wellington in 1844, the subject of this notice was educated in Wanganui, and served five years with Mr. G. J. Roberts, who was then surveying in the North and South Islands. After completing his term, he commenced practice on his own account in Rangitikei, where he was for some time county engineer, and also served the Marton borough in a like capacity. He surveyed the road from Marton to the interior, known as Murray's line, and explored for the Main Trunk Railway line. Mr. Murray has made many mountain ascents in both islands, and on the summit of Mount Ruapehu he discovered the hot lake. In 1865 and 1868 he saw active service against the Maoris, for which he holds the war medal. At one time he was a well-known breeder of racing stock, such horses as Tim Whiffler and Bully-for-you passing through his hands. While in Rangitikei he took a great interest in the Hunt Club, and in horticultural shows. Recently Mr. Murray has been exploring the Rimutaka and Tararua Ranges, and has discovered a practical coach route from Greytown across the Tararuas to Otaki, over which he has made several trips with tourists, the scenery being considered to be among the grandest in New Zealand. Mr. Murray also claims to have discovered a better route for the railway over the Rimutakas, which will shorten the ride to Wellington by over an hour.

Varnham, M. R., Architect, Main Street, Greytown. This business was established by Mr. Varnham in 1877, and has been conducted by him ever since. He is conductor of the local brass band, and fuller reference is made to him in that connection herein.

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Duff, Hans Woods, Baker and Confectioner, Main Street, Greytown North. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Duff is a native of Ireland, arriving in New Zealand in 1880 via Australia. He is a competent baker, and established the present business in 1890. The premises are of wood, containing about 1800 feet of floorage space. There is an excellent bakehouse, the oven having recently been rebuilt. Mr. Duff passes through about four tons of flour per month. He has a carl and two horses to distribute his goods in the district. His connection extends throughout the whole district. His specialty is confectionery, for which he has obtained considerable notoriety.

Jones, Arthur, Baker and Confectioner, Main Street, Greytown North. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. This business, which has been established over twenty years, and is the oldes: bakery in the town, has been conducted by Mr. Jones since 1891. The premises are of wood, one story, and contain nearly 2000 square feet of floorage space. About three tons of flour is turned into bread each month, the delivery cast traversing the district daily. A competent baker is in charge of the bread department in the bakehouse, and Mrs. Jones, who is a good confectioner, gives personal attention to that branch of the business. Mr. Jones was born in Shropshire, and came to the colonies per ship “Lusitania,” 1878. He is well known in Greytown, having managed an hotel for nine years in the district.

Wakelin, Richard Alfred, Building Contractor and Sash and Door Manufacturer, Greytown. P.O. Box 20. Private residence, Main Street. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Wakelin's factory, which was founded in 1878, is a two-story wooden building situated close to the Greytown railway station. The proprietor is a son of the late Mr. R. Wakelin, journalist. Born in England, the subject of this sketch came to New Zealand with his parents in 1850. He has taken a prominent part in public affairs in the Wairarapa district.

Hawke, John, Junr., Carpenter, Greytown.

Humphries, Henry, Builder and Contractor, Main Street, Greytown. Established 1880.

Trotman, E. H., Builder and Undertaker, Main Street, Greytown. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Established 1887.

Cameron, D., Coachbuilder, American Coach Factory, Main Street, Greytown. Mr. Cameron took over this business in 1880 from Mr. William Black. He has gained numerous first prizes and certificates for vehicles, which is proof of the excellent work he turns out. Mr. Cameron will be found more fully referred to as captain of the local rifle club.

Rea, John, Coachbuilder and Coachsmith, Main Street, Greytown. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. This important business was established in 1891 by the present proprietor. Every description of carriage, buggy, roadster, and dog cart is manufactured on the premises. The factory building—one of the largest in the valley—has a frontage of sixty feet to the main street, its depth being ninety feet, the total floorage space being about 6000 square feet. Five men, each being a specialist in his branch of the trade, are constantly employed at these works. The building, which is constructed of wood, with an iron roof, affords ample facilities for all departments of the business. Mr. Rea, who has built carriages and vehicles of all kinds for a great many of the families in the district, since he started five years ago, has already received numerous testimonials, which were produced to the writer. In these satisfaction was expressed in each instance with the way in which the work had been carried out at this large establishment. Mr. Rea's factory is replete with all needful machinery and appliances for the conduct of an extensive business. Everything that is possible has been done to make these works up to date in every respect, so that the best results can be achieved with the smallest expenditure. The enterprising proprietor is thus enabled to produce results which are surprising both as regards quality of workmanship and value of the completed vehicle. A large stock of splendid timber is regularly stacked, so as to become thoroughly seasoned before being used in the work.

Fuller, John, Aerated Water Manufacturer, Main Street, Greytown. Mr. Fuller started as a brewer and cordial manufacturer about 1871, but after fourteen years gave up the brewing branch of the business. He is more fully referred to under “Papawai.”

Veitch and Allan, General Storekeepers, Main Street, Greytown. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Manager, Mr. R. Y. Shearer. This branch, which was established in 1881, embraces tailoring and dressmaking departments, besides agencies for S. E. Wright's bicycles, Wertheim sewing machines, Robertson's dyeworks, and the Alliance Fire Insurance Company. The two-story building occupied includes the manager's residence. Mr. R. Y. Shearer hails from Launceston, Tasmania, where he was born in 1862. After coming to Wellington he gained experience in both grocery and drapery. For some years he was connected with Messrs. Thompson, Shannon and Co. at Wellington and Wanganni, being appointed to his present position in 1887.

Bauers, C., Draper, Clothier, etc., Main Street, Greytown. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Established January, 1894.

Murray, Alexander, Draper, Greytown.

Playle, Edwin J., Tailor, Main Street, Greytown. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Playle's shop and dwelling are built of wood and iron, and have a frontage of about thirty feet to Main Street. The shop is well stocked with all kinds of tweeds—colonial, English, Scotch, Irish, and Continental. Only first-class tailoring work is done on the premises. The business was established in 1892, and a large connection has already been gained by the enterprising proprietor. Behind the shop is the work-room, where four hands are employed. Mr. Playle was born in 1866 at Norwich, England, where he was educated. He served his apprenticeship with his uncle's firm, W. Playle and Co., of London. After working for a short time in Norwich, he went to the West End of London. Coming to Wellington in 1887, he was with Mr. J. Reid, and afterwards with Messrs. Kirkcaldie and Stains, settling in Greytown as above.

King, Neff, Tailor and Outfitter, Main Street Greytown. Established 1878.

Young, Andrew, Tailor and Outfitter, Main Street, Greytown. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Established 1867.

Hornblow, Charles William, J.P., Cabinetmaker, Main Street, Greytown. Born in Gravel Lane, Southwark, London, on the 11th of March, 1826, Mr. Hornblow was brought up to business as a wholesale looking-glass and picture-frame manufacturer, in which be gained considerable experience. Coming to Wellington per page 889 ship “Westminster” in 1856, he established himself in Lambton Quay. In 1867 Mr. Hornblow bought a store in the Wairarapa, but suffered heavy losses through the unsettled state of the country. Two years later he established the present business. Mr. Hornblow has acted for thirteen years as correspondent for the New Zealand Times and Mail, and still is a valued contributor to various New Zealand papers. In social, political, educational, and religious matters he has long taken a keen interest, and as a Justice of the Peace he is appreciated by the legal profession as well as by the general public.

Mr. C. W. Hornblow, Greytown.

Mr. C. W. Hornblow, Greytown.

Beer, Josiah, Cabinetmaker Greytown.

Lewis, James, Hairdresser and Photographer, Main Street, Greytown. Mr. Lewis, who was previously in the employ of Mr. T. Thompson as hairdresser in Mastertown, established the present business in 1875. He is the inventor a starting machine for horse races and athletic sports, has held a number of public positions, and is well known as a musician, especially as a flautist. The freehold premises occupied comprise a large two-story building erected on a section in the main street, which has a considerable frontage.

Wright Bros., Tobacconists and Hairdressers, Main Street, Greytown. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Established 1885.

Fire Brigade Station, Greytown.

Fire Brigade Station, Greytown.

Greytown Hotel (Charles Rogers, proprietor), Main Street, Greytown. This is one of the oldest established hotels in the Wairarapa district, and is Mr. Rogers's freehold. The building is a wooden one, containing a large number of sitting-rooms and bedrooms nicely furnished throughout. The hotel is well kept, the catering being first-class, and the attention all that could be desired. Buses from the hotel wait on every train, and there are good livery and bait stables in connection with the hotel.

Club Hotel (John Fabian, proprietor), Main Street, Greytown. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Established in 1888 by the present proprietor, by whom it has since been conducted.

Foresters' Arms Hotel (Charles Cress, proprietor), Main Street. Greytown Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Established 1870.

Pole, Mrs., “Duke of Argyle” Boardinghouse and Dining-rooms, Main Street, Greytown. This establishment contains comfortable bedrooms, and sitting-rooms, and a dining-room seated for fifteen persons. The terms are very reasonable.

Snowshaw, Mrs., Boardinghousekeeper, Greytown.

Witton, William, Blacksmith, Main Street, Greytown. Private residence, Papawai Road. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Witton's smithy, a wooden building, containing 1600 square feet of floor space, stands on a section leased from the Town Lands Trust. The business, which was founded in 1875, is principally horse-shoeing, for which he has frequently taken awards. Mr. Witton having gained some skill as a horse doctor, frequently affords valuable assistance to his patrons. Born in Staffordshire, England, in 1848, Mr. Witton came to New Zealand with his parents in 1859. He served his apprenticeship as a blacksmith and became a competent farrier. After some experience in the South Island, he carried on business in Wellington for two years, removing to Greytown and establishing the present business as above.

Udy, Hart, Junr., Blacksmith and Wheelwright, Main Street, Greytown. This business was established about nineteen years ago by the present proprietor, who is a son of Mr. Hart Udy, of Greytown, where he was born in 1857. Educated locally, he was apprenticed to the trade of wheelwright and blacksmith with Mr. McIlvride, of the Hutt. Mr. Udy has been a prominent member of the Greytown Football Club, and was a member of the New Zealand representative team which visited Australia in 1884.

Bright, Richard, Blacksmith, Main Street, Greytown. Established 1857.

Hewson, Joseph, Engineer and Millwright, Main Street, Greytown.

Amos, Charles, Bootmaker, Main Street, Greytown. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Amos, who is a native of Nelson, established himself in Greytown in 1881. He is a life member of the Greytown Fire Brigade, and holds a silver cup gained for his prowess in the local football field in 1889.

Armstrong, Walter, Saddler, Main Street, Greytown. Established 1882.

Baillie, Walter Henry, Bootmaker and Importer, Greytown.

Brunton, William, Saddler and Harness Maker, Main Street, Greytown. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Established 1887.

Hebley, Jacob R., Bootmaker, Main Street, Greytown. Established 1877.

Haigh, Sam, Butcher, Ham and Bacon Curer, Main Street, Greytown North. Mr. Haigh is a native of Wellington, and was brought up to the business. He established the present business page 890 in 1873, and is the oldest butcher now in business in the district. The freehold premises are centrally situated, the building being of wood and two-stories in height, the floorage space being nearly 2500 square feet. The premises were specially built to suit the requirements of he trade. Mr. Haigh's connection extends all over the Greytown listrict. He has been successful as a prize winner at a very large number of shows throughout the district. His convenient slaughter-houses, with suitable paddock accommodation, are situated within the boundaries of the borough. Mr. Haigh has long been prominent in local polities. He is an ex-member of the Greytown Borough Council, and a member of the Trust Lands Trust, and of the Waohine River Board.

Ingley, Thomas, Butcher, Greytown. Established 1883.

Wairarapa Farmers' Co-operative Association, Limited, General and Produce Merchants, Ironmongers, Drapers, Grocers, Milliners, Boot and Shoe Vendors, and Dealers in Paints, Oils, and Farm and Station Requisites, Greytown. S. Keedwell, local manager. This prosperous business has its head office at Masterton, where it will be found referred to at length.

Rowse, Adam., Bookseller and Stationer, Greytown North. Mr. Rowse is a native of the Colony, and was brought up to the newspaper business. The present business was established by him in 1891. The building occupied is built of wood, and is centrally situated, containing 450 square feet of floorage space. Mr. Rowse is agent for the New Zealand Accident Insurance Company, the United Fire Insurance Company, Mr. T. E. Price, photographer, and for most of the daily and weekly papers. He has a good and varied stock, and may be depended upon to supply good value in every line. He is a member of the Wesleyan Church, in which he holds the position of society and circuit steward.

Day, Walter Henry, General Storekeeper, Main Street, Greytown. The spacious shop occupied by Mr. Day, which was erected in 1878, has a frontage of thirty feet by sixty feet depth. It is well stocked with groceries, ironmongery, and general stores. Goods are delivered by a van to customers in all parts of the district, a man being steadily employed in this work. Mr. Day is the local representative for the National Fire and Marine Insurance Company of New Zealand. He is a member of the Foresters' Society, and fills the office of secretary of the Greytown Lodge. The premises are well situated in the centre of the town. The efforts of the proprietor have already induced a stealy advance in the turnover of the business, which bids fair to become one of the principal stores in Greytown.

Loasby, D. P., Storekeeper, Main Street, Greytown. The premises, which are built of wood and iron, and contain 2100 square feet of floorage space, have only recently been erected. Mr. Loasby keeps a good stock of all the newest goods, and his trade extends to the surrounding district.

Hayes and Wenden, Livery and Bait Stable Proprietors, General Carriers, Coal and Firewood Dealers, Main Street, Greytown. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Main Street. Both partners are natives of London, and were brought up to handling horses from their earliest days. They were companions in their school days, and came out to the Colony in 1873. Their freehold stables are built of wood, being two stories in height, and containing nearly 2500 feet of floorage space. They have ten stalls and three loose boxes and every convenience. They have a considerable number of horses and traps used in the business. The engraving represents their premises. They are agents for the New Zealand Express Company. They run a coach twice a week between Greytown and Masterton, leaving Greytown every Wednesday and Saturday at 9.30., returning from Masterton at 3.30.

Langstone, Charles Wentworth, Veterinary Surgeon, Greytown.

Hayes and Wenden's Premises, Greytown

Hayes and Wenden's Premises, Greytown

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Hillier, John, Watchmaker and Fancy Goods Dealer, Main Street, Greytown. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Hillier is a native of Coventry, and was apprenticed to Rotheram of the same town, completing his apprenticeship in 1856. His indentures were produced to the writer. His business was established in 1882. He makes a specialty of cleaning and repairing watches, and is a trustee of the Greytown Hospital.

Keltie, Hugh, Watchmaker and Optician, Main Street, Greytown. Established 1895. Mr. Keltie has a good connection, and undertakes all kinds of repairing in his line, as well as sight-testing and optical work.

Bath, Wm., Watchmaker and Jeweller, Main Street, Greytown, Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Established by present proprietor in 1893.

Harrison, George, Dairyman, Greytown. Established 1891.

Huntley, Mrs., Fruiterer, Main Street, Greytown. Established 1895.

Spring, Miss, Dressmaker, Main Street, Greytown.

Nash, George, Painter, Glazier, and Paperhanger, Main Street, Greytown.

Muir, Frederick, Fruiterer, Main Street, Greytown. Established 1881.

Hornblow, Andrew Reed, Printer, Wairarapa, Job Printing Works, Greytown.

McKenzie, Mrs., Dressmaker, Main Street, Greytown.