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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]

Artists And Photographers

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Artists And Photographers.

Dimond and Hart (Joseph Davis Dimond and Stephen Hart), Photo Enlargers and Importers, 49 Tory Street, Wellington. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residences: Mr. Dimond, Christchurch; Mr. Hart, Tasman Street, Wellington. The business was originally established as Dimond Brothers in Melbourne in 1886. In 1891 Mr. J. D. Dimond opened a branch of the business in Adelaide, South Australia, which he subsequently took over on his own account and conducted personally for two years. He came to New Zealand in 1893, and was joined by Mr. Hart, establishing the present firm. The Adelaide business, Mr. Dimond has since sold to Messrs. Dimond Bros, of Melbourne. Messrs. Dimond and Hart transact business throughout the entire Colony, being represented by responsible agents.

Herrmann, Mrs. L. M., Artist and Photo grapher, Cuba Str et, Wellington, opposite Te Aro House. Telephone 159. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Pirie Street. Mrs. Herrmann is a native of Birmingham, and reached the Colony in the year 1880 per ship “Piako” from London. For seven-and-a-half years she was with the firm of Connolly and Herrman, photographers, of Lambton Quay. Here she gained a large and valuable experience, which has enabled her to conduct the present business successfully since the lamented death, in 1892, of her late husband, Mr. Lichard Herrmann, who established the same in the year 1890. Mrs. Herrmann's studio is tastefully appointed and elegantly furnished, every convenience being available for visitors. The work turned out has won a name for excellence in style and quality. Great success has been attained in childrens' portraites, for which Mrs. Herrmann's studio is famous. She has also made a specialty of enlargements, which are produced in magnificent style. All classes of portrait work are executed as may be required. Mrs. Herrmann is a direct importer of all classes of photographic materials. Her business extends all over the Colony, and orders are frequently received from Australia. The building, situated at the corner of Cuba and Dixon Streets, is of wood, one story in height, with a floorage space of about 200 square feet.

Kinsey, William Henry Scott, Artist and Photographer, Kinsey's Studio, Lambton Quay, opposite Grey Street, Wellington. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Ingestre Street. This business was established in 1882 by Caznoau and Connolly, and has been successfully conducted by the present proprietor since 1892. The building occupied is of wood and brick with slate roof two stories in height, and affording no less than 7200 square feet of floorage space. The vestibule opening to Lambton Quay is a constant source of attraction. The walls and show-cases are filled with splendidly-executed pictures of well-known statesmen and private citizens. The waiting-room is elegantly furnished and adorned with additional specimens of Mr. Kinsey's art.

Wickens, T. G., and Co., (Trayton George Wickens), Photographers, Manners Street, Wellington. This firm started business in 1895, and by the excellence of their workmanship, have already taken a place in the front rank as photographic artists. The studio is filled with all the latest improvements, the light being all that could be desired even in dull and cloudy weather. Mr. T. G. Wickens served his apprenticeship to Mr. Frank A. Coxhead, photographer, of Princes Street, Dunedin; afterwards he was for some time in business in Palmerston North, where he secured a fair share of the business. Having decided to open in Wellington, he took the above premises, and has no cause to regret the change. Mr. Wickens, who superintends the operating, has engaged first-class artists for re-touching and printing. As a young man he was a first-rate sculler, and gained several cups while residing in his native place.

Wrigglesworth and Binns (J. D. Wrigglesworth and F. C. Binns,) Photographers, Willis Street, Wellington, and at Christchurch and Dunedin. Telephone 161. Bankers, Bank of Australasia, Private residences: Mr. Wrigglesworth, Upper Dixon Street; Mr. Binns, Christchurch. London agents: Messrs. Mawson and Swan. The business of this celebrated firm of photographers was established in 1863 and was carried on by its originator, Mr. Wrigglesworth, until 1871, when he was joined by Mr. Binns. Their premises are large and of good appearance, being five stories
Mr. Wrigglesworth.

Mr. Wrigglesworth.

page 589 high, and possessing a floorage space of something like 10,000 square feet. Messrs. Wrigglesworth and Binns have always maintained a very high excellence in all their work, and in 1879 gained first award at the Sydney exhibition. Again in 1881, they were similarly successful at Melbourne, and at the New Zealand exhibition of 1885 they carried off the only first award given in New Zealand for portrait photography. Though they have at various times done a good deal in the landscape branch, their efforts have been mainly devoted to the production of high-class portraits. The firm are patentees of the process which has become so well known under the name of the “Matt-Opal Type Process,” which gives a most delicate finish to the work. The perfecting of this process did much towards keeping the firm in the very foremost ranks of Australasian photographers. The newest speciality in their work is the “Mona” portrait, which is a bromide enlargement upon a new principle, giving to the picture very much the appearance of a direct photograph, though there is a softness and delicacy of tint far surpassing the very finest direct prints by the process which science has so far revealed to us. Messrs. Wrigglesworth and Binns are producing these works of art at a price which places them within the reach of all, and at exceptionally low rates for so fine and costly a process as the “Mona” is known to be. The Wellington business is personally superintended by Mr. Wilgglesworth; that at Christchurch by Mr. Binns; and the Dunedin branch, which is conducted under the name of Eden George, Limited, is in the charge of an experienced manager. This is a firm to be thoroughly and unreservedly recommended. Their trade extends throughout the length and breadth of the Colony and even beyond, while tourists and others passing through the Empire City invariably take away with them a specimen of the work which New Zealand is capable of producing at the hands of Wrigglesworth and Binns.

Other Artists And Photographers.

Bragge, James, Photographer, 20 Manners Street. Private residence Adelaide Road. Established 1864.

Burgers, W. F., Artist, Roxburgh Street.

Clifton Galleries (H. Grenfell), Photographers, Willis Street.

Merritt, Thomas Edward, Artist and Teacher of Painting, 60 Willis Street.

New Zealand Photographic Company (William Berry), Artists and Photographers. 64 Cuba Street Bankers, Bank of New Zealand, Private residence, Cambridge Avenue, Established 1887.

Tomlinson, Francis Ernest, Photographer, 37 Roxburgh Street. Established 1891.

Photo by A. Martin, Wanganui A Branch of the Wanganui River.

Photo by A. Martin, Wanganui
A Branch of the Wanganui River.