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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]



Alliance Marine, and General Assurance Company, Limited, Grey Street, Wellington. Branch Manager, Mr. William Gill. Telephone 605. Bankers, Union Bank of Australia, Limited. Head Office for New Zealand, Hereford Street, Christchurch. [This Company will be described in the Canterbury Volume of the Cyclopedia.

The British and Foreign Marine Insurance Company, Limited. Ag nts, Murray, Roberts and Co., Featherston Street, Wellington. The Company's chief office is in Liverpool. It has also a Board in London. The head office for New Zealand is in Dunedin. Fuller information will be given in the Otago volume of the Cyclopedia.

The Canton Insurance Office, Limited (Marine), Head Office, Hong Kong. Agents for Wellington, Taranaki, Marlborough, Nelson and West Coast, Messrs. Badham and Biss, corner of Custom House Quay and Brandon Street, Wellington. Bankers to Wellington agency, National Bank of New Zealand, Limited.

The China Traders' Insurance Company, Limited: Branch Office for New Zealand, Featherston Street, Wellington. Committee:—Mr. Harold Beauchamp (Messrs. W. M. Bannatyne and Co.,) Mr. James Whittall, Manager for the Colony. Telephone 432. P.O. Box 101. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand This Company was established in the year 1865 in the British colony of Hong Kong, China, to undertake the business of marine insurance. The subscribed capital of the Company is $2,000,000, of which $600,000 is paid-up. The operations of the Company have been most successful. No better evidence of this fact could be adduced than the figures represented by the reserve fund, which has gradually been increased until it now stands at $900,000, an amount which exceeds the paid-up capital of the Company by $300,000. The Board of Directors consists of Messrs. Thurburn, Manager of the Mercantile Bank of India, Limited (chairman); P. Sachse, of Messrs. Carlowitz and Co.; J. Kramer, of Messrs. Arnhold, Karberg and Co.; St. C. Michaelsen, of Messrs. Melchers and Co.; M. D. Ezekiel, of Messrs. E. D. Sassoon and Co. Mr. W. H. Ray is the secretary of the Company. The China Traders' Insurance Company is represented in the greater part of the civilized world. The Shanghai branch is managed by a committee composed of Messrs. P. Arnhold, of Messrs. Arnhold, Karberg and Co.; C. page 526 Schlee, of Messrs. Robert Anderson and Co.; James Jones, agent for the American Trading Company; the local agent being Mr. J. E. Reding. In Japan the Company has a branch office at Yokohama, which is entrusted to the care of Mr. A. S. Garfit. The London office, at number 10 Cornhill, E.C., was founded many years ago. The following gentlemen form a committee of management, viz., Messrs. J. A. Maitland (Messrs. Maitland and Co., Limited); David Reid (Director of the National Bank of India, Limited); T. Cuthbertson (Messrs. Edward Boustead and Co.); L. Poesnecker (Messrs. Arnhold, Karberg and Co.) Mr. Waldemar Schmidt is the manager of the Company's business in England. Sub-agents have been appointed in Glasgow, Manchester and Bradford. In America, on the Continent of Europe, and in most seaports of importance the agents of this progressive Company are to be found. The following list of representatives will be found useful for reference. Messrs. Keith and Co., Algoa Bay; Messrs. Boyd and Co., Amoy; Mr. J. Herman Schrô, Amsterdam; Messrs. Windsor and Co., Bankok; Messrs. Erdman and Sielcken, Batavia; Messrs. Killick, Nixon and Co., Bombay; Messrs. Lee, Higginson and Co., Boston; Messrs. Apcar and Co., Calcutta; Messrs. Deacon and Co., Canton; Messrs. William Anderson and Co., Cape Town; Messrs. Anz and Co., Chefoo; Mr. Charles A. McDonald, Chicago; Messrs. Bosanquet and Co., Colombo; Messrs. Champion and Co., Durban; Messrs. John Gittins and Co., Foochow; Mr. A. R. Marty, Haiphong; Messrs. W. A. Lepper and Co., Hamburg; Messrs. Arnhold, Karberg and Co., Hankow; Messrs. Otto Reimers and Co., Hiogo; Messrs. Robert Anderson and Co., Kiukiang; Mr. F. Harcourt Williams, Lyons; Messrs. Deacon and Co., Macao; Messrs. Arbuthnot and Co., Madras; Messrs Smith, Bell and Co., Manila; Messrs. Rabaud, Frêres Co., Marseilles; Messrs. Pipon, Adam and Co., Mauritius; Mr. William E. Boyd, Montreal; China and Japan Trading Company, Limited, Nagasaki; Messrs. Bandinel and Co., Newchwang; Mr James W. Hayward, New York: The Priamoorskoe Tovaristschestvo, Nicolajewsk; Adrian, Oborin and Co., Odessa; M. Paul Plouviez, Paris; Messrs. Boustead and Co., Penang; Messrs. Steel Bros. and Co., Limited, Rangoon; Messrs. E. and S. and C. St. Martin and Co., Rotterdam; Messrs. William G. Hale and Co., Saigon; Messrs. MacNeill and Co., Samarang; Mr. W. G. Darby, Sandakan; Messrs. Williams, Dimond and Co., San Francisco; Messrs Lauts and Haesloop, Swatow; Messrs. Boustead and Co., Singapore; Messrs. Fraser, Eaton and Co., Sourabaya; Messrs. Bain and Co., Taiwanfoo; Messrs. Boyd and Co., Tamsui; Messrs. William Forbes and Co., Tientsin; Mr. M. G. Sheveleff, Vladivostock. The head office for Australia and New Zealand (opened in 1884) is at 31 Queen Street, Melbourne, where the business is under capable management. The committee includes Messrs. W. H. Calder (Messrs. Couche, Calder and Co.,) E. A. Clough (Messrs. E. A. Clough and Co.,) J. Gill (Messrs. J. Gill and Co.,) R. Harper (Messrs. Robert Harper and Co.) Mr. B. Goldsmith, who is well known in marine insurance circles, is the general manager for Australasia. The Sydney committee is composed of Messrs. A. J. Sievers (Messrs. Dangar, Gedye and Co.,) and Charles M. Terry (Messrs. R. W. Cameron and Co.) Mr. L. R. Mitchell is the manager for New South Wales, the office being at 75, Pitt Street, Sydney. The other Australian agencies are as follows:—Messrs. Harrold Bros., Adelaide; Mr. W. A. Martin, Ballarat; Mr. J. H. Curnow, Bendigo; The Queensland Mercantile Company, Limited, Brisbane; Messrs. Shannon, Murray and Co., Geelong; Messrs. Courthope, Drummond and Co., Perth; Messrs. McMeekin Bros. and Co., Warrnambool. The business of this Company was opened in New Zealand on the 1st of May, 1891, by the present popular manager, Mr. James Whittall. A large measure of support has been extended to the Company, and there can be no doubt that as the institution becomes thoroughly known, the volume of business will be vastly augmented. The agents in the Colony include the following well-known firms:—Mr. Robert Blair, Auckland; The Hawkes Bay Farmers' Co-operative Association, Limited, Napier; Messrs. Barraud and Abraham, Palmerston North, Feilding and Danevirke; Messrs. Simms and Mowlem, Masterton; The United Farmers' Co-operative Association Limited, Wanganui; Messrs. Kaye and Carter, Christchurch; Messrs. A. S. Paterson and Co., Dunedin; Messrs. Wilkins and Field, Nelson; Mr. George F. Clulee, Timarn; The J. G. Ward Farmers' Association of New Zealand, Limited, Invercargill. The China Traders' Insurance Company, Limited, by its constitution adopts a liberal policy towards all contributors of business. At the close of each financial year a bonus is set aside out of the ascertained profits of the Company to be distributed among the clients (whether shareholders or not) on the total of their premiums contributed during the year without any deductions. During the last eighteen years the annual bonus returned to contributors of business has never been less than fifteen per cent. of the amount of premiums. This principle, the more widely it becomes known, cannot fail to secure popularity to the company, as there are few insurance offices trading in the Colony that include so liberal a provision in their charter. The amount allocated to policy holders in this way during the twenty years ended 30th of April, 1895, totals no less a sum than $2,042,236. Dividends amounting to $1,733,125 have been paid to the shareholders, and during that period the Reserve Fund of $900,000, already referred to has also been built up.

Mr. James Whittall, the Manager for New Zealand, is a son of Fleet-Paymaster Whittall, late of the Royal Navy. He was born in Kent, England, and was educated at the Royal Navy School, New Cross, a prominent institution originally founded for the education of the sons of naval officers. Mr. Whittall Mr. James Whittall page 527 commenced his insurance education at Lloyds, and altogether gained nine years' valuable experience in connection with marine insurance business in London. He first entered the service of the China Traders Insurance Company in their London office, where he remained for over a year. He was transferred to the Head Office, Hong Kong, in 1883, and remained on the staff for five years, rising to the second position in the office. In 1888 Mr. Whittall went to England for a holiday, which lasted during the year 1889. In the following year he returned to China, and became acting manager of the Company's branch in Shanghai. When in 1891 it was determined to establish a branch in this Colony, Mr. Whittall was selected for the work. He has succeeded in establishing satisfactory connections for his Company and in making many friends for himself.

The Marine Insurance Company (Limited). Head office, 20 Old Broad Street, London, E.C Directors, Messrs. D. Atkinson, R. Baring, F. D. Barnes, J. Campbell, Admiral A. J. Chatfield, T. du Buisson, F. C. K. Fleischmann, C. Gassiot, F. Green, Lord Hillingdon, H. Mosenthal, G. R. Ruxton, F. A. White. Bankers, Messrs. Glynn, Mills, Currie and Co., Bank of England. Manager, F. A. White; assistant manager, R. B. Lemon; secretary, G. R. Maughan. Liverpool branch, 6, 7 and 8 Exchange Buildings. Directors, Messrs. W. B. Halhed, W. Emrie, A. Williamson, T. A. Woolley. Bankers, Bank of Liverpool. Underwriter, W. Gow. The subscribed capital of the Company is £1,000,000, of which £180,000 is paid up. The reserve fund amounts to £500,000, and the total funds in hand to £1,104,000. The head office for New Zealand is at Phœnix Chambers, Customhouse Quay, Wellington. Mr. R. M. Simpson is general manager for the Colony.

The Sea Insurance Company (Limited). Head office, Exchange Buildings, Liverpool. Agents, Messrs. Allan and Hartmann, Grey Street, Wellington. The Company will be more fully referred to in the volume for Otago, the chief office for the Colony being situated in Dunedin.

Straits Insurance Company (Limited). Agent, Mr. G. H. Scales, Custom House Quay, Wellington. This Company transacts marine business only, its head quarters in the Colony being situate in Dunedin.

Thames and Mersey Marine Insurance Company, Limited, Local agents, Messrs. Levin and Company, Grey Street, Wellington. Telephone 11. Cable address, Mersey; Code, Special. P.O. Box 187. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Chief offices, 1 Royal Exchange Buildings, London, E.C.; 2 Bank Street, St. Anne's Square, Manchester; and Liverpool and London Chambers, Liverpool. This Company has been doing business in New Zealand for over twelve years. During all that time, Mr. Pearce, of Messrs. Levin and Co., has been its public officer, and his firm has conducted its business. The Company was established in the year 1860, and has now local boards of directors in London, Liverpool and Manchester. At the thirty-sixth ordinary general meeting of the shareholders, held in London in 1895, the report and balance sheet showed the Company to be in a remarkably flourishing condition. After making provision for outstanding claims, and deducting expenses, the year's underwriting account showed a net profit of £45,570 17s. 3d. The profit and loss account on the 31st of December, 1894, showed a balance of £139,248 8s. 1d. Of this, the sum of £25,000 was carried to the reserve fund, making it £450,000, the remainder being divided amongst the shares holders. The claims paid by the Company in 1894 amounted to £86,620 9s. 9d., the premium amounting to £344,101 17s. 2d. The Company's capital is shown as £200,000, with a reserve fund as above, while its assets are stated at £1,332,839 14s. 10d. The Company's representatives for the Colony are:—Mr. W. W. Cunningham Smith, Dunedin; Messrs. Chrystal and Co., Christchurch; Messrs. J. A. Barber and Co., Auckland; and Messrs. Williams and Kettle, Napier and Gisborne.