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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District]

The Venerable Archdeacon Arthur Stock

The Venerable Archdeacon Arthur Stock, B.A., was born in Bow Parish, Mile End Road, London. Educated at the Merchant Tailors' school, in his native city, he subsequently studied at Pembroke College, Cambridge, gaining his degree in 1845. The reverend gentleman was ordained Deacon in February, 1847, at Chester Cathedral, and priest in 1848 at Winchester Cathedral. He ministered successively at Prescott, at Cloudesley Square, Islington, and at Clapham Road, London. Joining the Church Missionary Society, Mr. Stock sailed for New Zealand, per ship “Hamilla Mitchell,” in 1853, landing in Auckland. He was then appointed to the charge of the Maori School, Otaki, and after nine months at Wanganui, was designated Vicar of St. Peter's Church, Wellington, in 1856. During the long period of twentyeight years, in which Archdeacon Stock ministered in Wellington, the splendid church of St. Peter's was erected, at a cost of £7000, and the number of his parishioners increased by two-thirds. The reverend gentleman worked hard in the interests of his church. He also took considerable interest in the man Tricker, who was condemned to death for the alleged murder of Mr. Rayner, in Rangitikei. Two days after the death sentence was pronounced, Archdeacon Stock discovered sufficient additional evidence to prove incontestibly that the alibi was a good one. Nevertheless, it took five years before the man's liberty was secured, and then only after a large public meeting The Venerable Archdeacon Arthur Stock page 384 had raised its protest. Mr. Stock was appointed Archdeacon soon after Bishop Hadfield's elevation to the see of Wellington. He still does all he can to help the church of his choice, by assisting the Rev. Mr. Coffey, at St. Mark's. Every Sunday, when able, he visits the Alexandra Home, in Hanson Street, and ministers to the inmates. It is believed that Archdeacon Stock is an evangelical. He detests ritualism, and cannot understand by what authority the communion table is called an altar. The reverend gentleman's family consists of a daughter and four sons.