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Gallipoli Diary

Friday 18/6/15 (Waterloo Day)

Friday 18/6/15 (Waterloo Day)

Issue of rum all round in
commemoration of Wellington's victory.

9 am my local reserve
moved to Rest Gully being
relieved by 2 coys Canterbury.

Several heavy Turkish shells landed
near H.Q. in Monash Gully but
did no damage to men though
one exploded amongst the stores
& sent cheeses biscuits & meat
tins flying in all directions.

A big heap of picks & shovels
were likewise distributed but
did no damage. We now
get a spell for a few days
though working parties have
to be supplied each day; this
however is only for 4 hour shifts
and keeps the men from getting
too soft. The roads and page 92 various works done here including
well sinking, building piers, shafts
& tunnels, miles of bombproof cuttings
along the hillsides and numerous
other constructions are wonderful
and would be an education to
many a budding civil engineer.