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The Vegetation of New Zealand



The following table shows the period during which the sun is above the true horizon on the days of midsummer and midwinter: —
Possible sunshine on theAuckland Hrs. min.Wellington Hrs. min.Dunedin Hrs. min.
Longest day14.4015.1015.46
Shortest day9.389.138.39

The next table shows the average amount of sunshine at various places in proceeding from north to south. The comparative paucity in the South Otago district (Dunedin and Invercargill) is in part reflected by the high-mountain species at a low altitude and the facility with which that class of plants (indigenous and exotic) can be cultivated.

Auckland Rotorua Napier Wellington Nelson
Hours Min Hours Min. Hours Min. Hours Min. Hours Min.
1.943 55 2.052 10 2.491 33 2.016 49 2.481 46
Blenheim Hokitika Lincoln Dunedin Invercargill
Hours Min. Hours Min. Hours Min. Hours Min. Hours Min.
2.154 51 1.924 54 2.087 54 1.663 9 1.600 35