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The Vegetation of New Zealand

Chapter III. — Bibliography

Chapter III.

No space is available for anything approaching a full list of the literature pertaining to New Zealand botany. Papers only describing new species, or such as are purely morphological or phylogenetic as a rule are not cited and many of quite minor importance are omitted. It follows then that the list does not nearly reflect in full the botanical activity of certain workers, especially Kirk, Colenso, Petrie, Cheesemann, Buchanan, G. H. Cunningham and R. Brown. On the other hand, a few works dealing with floral relationships with other lands are cited, as also others purely geological or geographical on which, it may be, statements in the book are based. Citations in the body of the work with author's name and date refer to this bibliography. T. N. Z. I. means Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute.

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page 27

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page 28

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page 29

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page 30

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page 32

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