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Manual of the New Zealand Flora.

19. Townsonia, n. gen

19. Townsonia, n. gen.

A small slender terrestrial herb. Boot of creeping fleshy caudicles thickened here and there into small tubers. Radical leaves 1–3 from the caudicles, rarely at the base of the flowering-stem, petiolate, ovate-orbicular. Cauline leaf or empty bract solitary half - way up the stem, sessile, ovate, acute, often much reduced in size. Flowers 1 or 2, small; perianth horizontal or deflexed. Upper sepal much incurved, broad, concave, almost galeate; lateral placed in front of the lip, lanceolate, margins in-volute. Petals minute, erect. Lip clawed on to the base of the page 692column; lamina erect, undivided, broadly ovate-rhomboid, subcordate at the base, entire, margins involute and clasping the column towards the base; disc smooth, without calli or ridges, or with an obscure thickening on each side near the base. Column rather shorter than the lip, erect, broadly and equally winged from the base; wings not continued upwards behind the anther. Stigma prominent, placed just under the small rostellum. Anther terminal, erect, 2-celled; pollinia free, granular.

A very curious little plant. It is clearly allied to Adenochilus, of which it has the habit, but differs in the smooth undivided lip, minute petals, and in the column-wings not being produced upwards behind the anther. The smooth undivided lip also separates it from Chiloglottis, Caladenia, Burnettia, and: other allied genera. Believing it to form the type of a new genus, I have much pleasure in dedicating it to its discoverer, Mr. W. Townson, of Westport, to whom I am much indebted for specimens and information respecting the botany of the north-western portion of the South Island.

1.T. deflexa, Cheesem.—Very slender, 3–6 in. high. Radical leaves on slender petioles ½–1½ in. long; blade ¼–½ in., broadly oblong or orbicular-ovate, obtuse or apiculate, rounded or subcordate at the base, thin and membranous, veins reticulated. Cauline leaf ovate, acute, often very small and scale-like. Flowers small,⅙–¼ in. long, greenish.

South Island: Nelson—Vicinity of Westport, Townson! November–December.