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The Plutocrats [1937]

Song. — Mr. Nemesis


Mr. Nemesis.

The cave man did not falter, Etc.

Mr Sausage.

Well sung, my little girl, well sung.

Mr. Nemesis.

Thank You kind sir.

Vere de Vere.

You will not find us like your man, Miss Perfluous. Here men are men.

Mr. Mash.

But please let us introduce You to the other ladies attached to this establishment. Mr. Tight, would you fetch them? (Mr. Tight exits left)

Mr. Flee.

(Looking at Mr. Nemesis suspiciously) Miss Perfluous has a beard.

Mr. Nemesis.

So would you if you hadn't shaved for two days.

Mr. Flee.

Logic seems alright, but there must be a flaw somewhere.

(Mr Tight comes running in left.)

Mr. Sausage.

Why Chimp - what's the matter?

Mr. Tight.

Oh, its awful - awful.

Mr. Mash.

What's awful? Have you looked in the mirror or

page break Mr. Tight.

Its. It's the women - something's happened to them...

Vere de Vere

Something happened to the women?

Mr. Tight.

They've all gone funny.

Mr. Mash.

(Ponderously) What exactly do you mean 'all Funny'?

Mr Tight.

(Pointing right) Look!

(The Devil's Own led by Mrs. Beer enter right, They are all dressed in very drab and demure frocks, and are made up to bear a puritanical appearance, they might easily be taken for Salvation Army lassies, in ordinary clothes.)