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The Plutocrats [1937]

Song With Chorus. — Stanley Sausage

Song With Chorus.

Stanley Sausage.

Our lilies we sniff with a languid grace Etc.

Vere do Vere.

And I thought an aesthetic was what doctors put you to sleep with.

(Messalina slips out unnoticed left)

Mr. Sausage.

Seeing Mr. Nemesis. Ha, we are observed! Our searches into aesthaticism are discovered! Who are you - er - Madam?

Mr. Nemesis.

(Curtseying clumsily, in a high pitched fals to) If it pleas you, I have come to join your establishment.

page break Charon.

Oh listen [unclear: t] the [unclear: ythm] Daisy dear!
How ethereal! How entrancing!
From your efforts it is clear
You'll [unclear: he to] course in dancing.

(Dance. The Devil's Own come forward, and dance on either side of Daisy, then Charon steps into the line, and dances also, placeing his arm round the bull. At the conclusion of the dance, Mr Mash and Mr Sausage, who have entered and been doing a little dance themselves on the top step, compose themselves and stand haughtily as the Laurel and Hardy entrance tune is played. When the dancers hear the tune they all turn round and raise their hands in welcome. Daisy sits on his hind quarters and waves his tail and right foreleg.)