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The Plutocrats [1937]

Chorus — Executive and Witches


Executive and Witches.

On yonder billows tossing Etc.

(They rush out right, but Mr. Nemesis immobilizes two of the Executive, Albert and Egbert.)

Mr. Nemesis.

And what is this outrageous caterwauling?


Its Captain Charon, your grace.

Mr. Nemesis.

Has he got any cargo?


I can't say your Grace. But he looked very pleased with himself.

Mr. Nemesis.

That's no indication; Charon suffers from aninflated

page break

(Mr Nemesis ascends his throne, and assumes a majestic pose. Albert and Egbert [unclear: tily] stand on either side of the throne, their pitchforks hild like rifles.

The Executive and Witches surge in, carrying Captain Charon shoulder high.)