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The Plutocrats [1937]

Song Mr. Nemesis and Chorus

Song Mr. Nemesis and Chorus.

For - I am the Demon King! Etc.

(Mr Nemesis

knocks the ash from his cigarette on the head of the nearest member of the Executive, who starts violently.)

Mr. Nemesis.

(In a deep loud voice) Avaunt! Black hags of the night! (The witches scuttle out slmost too fast for the eye to follow them.) Avaunt, oh my council who councel not! (The Executive scamper off noislessly on the opposite side. He sinks into his chair, and rests his head in his hands.) Avaunt to be alone. (He raises his head, and his eyes light on Wurzel and Flummery shivering in their chairs. He descends the steps in an agile manner.) Wurzel, Flummery.

(They quail and sink [unclear: guil in the bairs.])

Wurzel and Flummery [unclear: anting] in a dull tremulous monotone)

Searching through the panorama -
We've triad Turk and Shiek and Llama -
Marching over deserts bootless,
But our journeys have been fruitless.
Every torture that we saw
Had been done by you before!

Mr. Nemesis.

I suppose you remember what's to happen to you if page break you can't [unclear: fie] something by six tonight?

W & F

No - We really forget.


(Frantically) Please may I leave the room?


(More frantically) Please I desire to interview a gentleman concerning a domestic animal.

Mr. Nemesis.

(Grabbing each by the collar) So you forget, eh? Well, I'll have to think of something a little more---er---Well at six tonight. And even the great Sausage I heard you talking about wouldn't be able to legislate you out of this. Now scram! And remember--(But they are gone before he has time to say another word. Mr. Nemesis trips up the step and from a hidden cavity under the throne removes a large bottle - "Public School Spirit" - and a glass. Pouring some into the glass, he drinks, furtively, glancing around to see that no one is looking. Holding the glass in front of him, he soliloquises:-)

Mr. Nemesis.

I drink - to the bad old days! Oh, Tempus, Tempus, why must you fugit so?

(He drinks. His meditations are cut short by an excited scurry of feet outside, and he hurriedly replaces the bottle. The Executive, the witches, and other rabble rush on left, bowing to Mr. Nemesis, pointing to the right, and singing, all at the same time