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The Plutocrats [1937]

Chorus and Ballet — The Devil's Own

Chorus and Ballet

The Devil's Own

We are the dames....Etc.

(At the conclusion of the ballet, and during the following conversation, Messalina makes eves at the Rev. Scrounger, who is horrified, and attempts to escape from her attentions.)

Mr. Nemesis.

This is my private harem - The Devil's Own.

Stanley Sausage.

(Doing Finger Wiggle excitedly) You - you haven't got a public one, have you?

Oliver Mash.

Does this pass with the reigns of power?

Mr. Nemesis.

All except Messalina, Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the ladies. (As he introduces each one, they bow grace-fully.) Messalina -

Lord Vere de Vere I've heard about her.

Mr. Nemesis.

Lucrezia Dorgia: she simply oozes poisonality. Helen of Troy - her face, as you know sank a thousand ships. page break Xanthippe.


(In a soft alluring voice, sidling up to the Revd. Scrounger,) Like to come for a little walk round Dulce Domum?

Mr. Nemesis.

That's right girls take them out and show them..

Revd. Scrounger.

(Faintly) Is this necessary?

Mr. Nemesis.

Show them round girls! Show them Napoleon's Army marching on their stomachs! Show them Tantulus and Ixion and Brookie and all the other cursed things.

Lord vere de Vere

I'm going to enjoy this. I wonder if We'll hear any new Little Audrey stories.

(They start to go out arm in arm, but the Revd. Scrounger is extremely bashful.)

Revd. Scrounger.

(Shrinking from Messalina as if she had the plague.) You - you'll have to excuse me; I'm a little stiff from exertion.


(Seizing him by the arms and dragging him out after the others.) I don't care where you come from. Let's get going. (They go out singing "We are the Dames")

(By now they have all gone. Mr. Nemssis shrugs his shoulders, sighs, and walks slowly but proudly to his throne, where he sits, his head resting on his arm.