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O Extravaganza! The Great Extrav Reunion Weekend & Capping Revue Revival [1993]

Bill's Song

page 11

Bill's Song

When I was just a sweet little lad
Full of childish tricks
My friends and I we had no time for sex or politics
But we grew up all looking for a man to top the polls
And that's when we first stumbled on this cute politician doll

And it went (squeak) when it moved and (ah) when it stopped
And (whirr) when it stood still
We never knew just what it was
But we think its name is Bill

It got wound up and blundered around
And went behind a chair
If it wasn't for a tiny squeaking noise you wouldn't even know it was there
It lurched to the left and then to the right
And spun round on its base
It tied itself in 50 knots
And fell flat on its face

Oh that little doll doesn't do much now just sits and dreams its dreams
Its works have all gone rusty
Its disaffiliating at the seams
I'd like to give him to my kids some day but I doubt just if I can
Cos the little fella's on the skids and they'd rather have an action man

Not one that goes
(Squeak) when it moves and (ah) when it stops and (whirr) when it stands still
We never knew just what it was but we think its name was.....Wallace!

Caricature of Extravaganza performer