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O Extravaganza! The Great Extrav Reunion Weekend & Capping Revue Revival [1993]

Victoria University of Wellington

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Victoria University of Wellington

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25 August 1993

O Extravaganza! - wasn't it fun!


Now just to remind you - this Sunday, August 29th, 9.20am, National Radio is broadcasting the Spectrum documentary programme on O Extravaganza!:

"Thirty years on, getting older and older"

... shouldn't that be older and bolder?

As you might have noticed, Jack Perkins was very busy interviewing people on July 17, including putting his microphone under people's noses in the middle of a three second costume change. He is sounding very happy with what has resulted, so tune in to National Radio on Sunday morning to find out. The programme will be rebroadcast on Tuesday 31st August right after the 8pm news.


If that whets your appetite for more, enclosed is an order form for the Extrav video. It is a complete video of the 4.30pm performance - lacking only Sir Geoffrey Palmer's 8.30pm cameo appearance.


  • Unfortunately a technical problem with the Woolf Photography camera means that the 'official' cast photographs are disappointing. The 'New Age' shots are unusable (though computer technology about six months down the track may be able to rescue some), while the others are not as sharp as they should be. They are however useful as a record, so for cast members I have included photocopies of those prints, and a Woolf order form, so if you wish, you can order direct from Photography by Woolf.
  • We do have some good shots taken during the dress rehearsal. Proof sheets are in the Alumni Relations Centre, Room 314 Hunter building, and will be on display on the university's Open Day, September 25th. Prints (6 × 4) may be ordered @ $1.50 each, plus $2.00 p&p.


Thankyou very much to everyone who loaned or gave us material for our display. We are still getting a very enthusiastic response to that, and plan to have some of the material on display again on Open Day. Yes we still have some material to return - we haven't forgotten! And yes, we are still accepting new contributions. So if you've recently found some forgotten VUW memorabilia - not just relating to Extrav, but maybe to the drama club or other society or sports club - we are most grateful for any historic bits and pieces.


Did you lose your shirt at Extrav??? We are holding a white XL shirt, found backstage.

Open Day

Saturday 25 September - the whole university is on display, with all the departments joining in - lots to entertain, inform, and do, and aimed at people of all ages. Includes drama, music, debate, lectures, live chess, hands on computing, bugs, poetry, art, architecture etc, etc, etc. So if you were too busy at the Extrav reunion to see anything else round the university, this might be your chance. We are organising an Alumni Café in the Hunter building (volunteers welcome! - phone me if you're interested) as well as inviting alumni to visit the Alumni Relations Centre, Room 314, Hunter. To increase your chances of meeting someone who was at University at the same time as you, we suggest you try to come by at the following times: if you were a student before 1940, between 10.00 and 11.00am; 1940-1949, 11.00 -12 noon; 1950-1959, 12.00-1.00pm; 1960-1969, 1.00-2.00pm; 1970-1979, 2.00-3.00pm; 1980 and after, 3.00-4.00pm.

Look forward to meeting you again

Sharon Major

Alumni Relations Manager The Registry, Alumni Relations Centre P.O. Box 600, Wellington, New Zealand, Telephone 0-4-495 5246, Facsimile 0-4-495 5210