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Victoria University College. Extravaganza. May 18th and 19th, 1945.

"Peter in Blunderland" — A Dialectical Fantasy in Two Negations

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"Peter in Blunderland"

A Dialectical Fantasy in Two Negations


Act One

1.A room in Parliament Buildings.
2.A Tunnel.
3.Humpty-Dumpty's Wall.
4.An Orchard.
5.The Caucus Race-course.
6.The Tunnel.
7.A Court of Justice.

Act Two

1.A Sea Shore.
2.A Forest.
3.The Duchess's Kitchen.
4.A Civic Theatre.
5.A Field.
6.Humpty Dumpty's Wall.
7.A Garden.


Chorus of Typistes Jean Priest, Joan Taylor, Jean Hawthorn, Beverley Morris, Margaret Eccles, Freda Moor, Jackie Richards, Julie Flett, Joan Sim, Cecil Fowler, Marie Marshall, Catherine Crosse, Jackie Patrick, Elizabeth Daniell.
Chorus of Secretaries Alister Hall, Ted Jones, Dick Warner, Lester Paul, Dave Hempleman, Reg. Berney, John Ziman, Chum Paterson, Kerry Jordan, Fanny Walker, Alex. Williams.
Peter Dennis Hartley

"Oh, teach the natives of this land

(Who are not quick to understand)

How to work off their social and

Political arrears!"

—W. S. Gilbert.

Balder Dash—the Kidderminster Cat Pix Hurrell

"A complicated gentleman allow me to present,

Of all the arts and faculties the terse embodiment."

—W. S. Gilbert.

The White Rabbit W. Easterbrook-Smith

"He bought white ties, and the bought dress suits,

He crammed his fet into bright tight boots—"

—W. S. Gilbert.

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Humpty-Dumpty K. T. Fowler

"Utopia's much too big for one small head—

I'll float it as a Company Limited!"

—W. S. Gilbert.

Chorus of Soldiers Jeff Stewart, Bill Cameron, Roy Dickson, Trevor Levy, Barry Perham, Bruce McSweeney, Eric Hall, Paul Vella, Errol Jones, Alan Thomsen, Ted Bradstock, H. B. Baker, Kneale Mark, Peter Jenkins, John Eccles, Chris. Small.
Gas Mainsford, Mare of Farmerston Alan Martin

"Widen your thoroughfares and flush your drains!"

—W. S. Gilbert.

The Harsh Hare Brian J. Duffy

"Did you hear him—did you hear him?

Oh, the monster overbearing!

Don't go near him—don't go near him—

He is swearing—he is, wearing!"

—W. S. Gilbert.

The Mad Hatter Gordon Stuckey

"The expression 'If you please'

A particularly gentlemanly tone implants."

—W. S. Gilbert.

The Dormouse Bruce Milburn

"He never should bow down to a domineering frown

Or the tang of a tyrant tongue."

—W. S. Gilbert.

Chorus of Spectators Rita Ruben, Jackie Richards, Elizabeth Daniell, Peggy Martin, Vicky Fussell, Dick Warner, Marie Marshall, Jean Priest, Barbara Corkill, Lorna Pye, Jolene Park, Jean Hawthorn, Reg. Berney, Lester Paul, Dave Hempleman, Margaret Eccles, Evan Watts, Jackie Patrick.
Chorus of White Pawns Joy Bartley, John Richardson, Denzil Brown, Bryan Stanley, J. P. Coutts, Geraldine Player, Joan Clarke, S. Leonard-Taylor, T. McKenzie, Bob Hopkirk, G. Evernden, L. Murphy, Cecil Saker.
Red King Stan. Campbell

"The Lord High Bishop orthodox—

The Lord High Coachman on the box—

The Lord High Vagabond in the stocks—

They all shall equal be!"

—W. S. Gilbert.

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Chorus of Jurymen John Richardson, S. Leonard - Taylor, L. Murphy, G. Evernden, T. McKenzie, Bob Hopkirk, Bryan Stanley, Evan Watts, J. P. Coutts.
Sir Cycle Tyres Ted Jones

"The Law is the true embodiment

Of everything that's excellent.

It has no kind of fault or flaw,

And I, my Lords, embody the Law."

—W. S. Gilbert.

The Clerk of Court Alister Hall
A Chorus of Barristers Reg. Berney, Kerry Jordan, John Ziman
Humphrey O'Bluster, K.C. Fanny Walker
Clever Bane Barry Perham
Chorus of Veritas Reporters Bill Cameron, Bruce McSweeney, Eric Hall, H. B. Baker, John Eccles, Paul Vella, Kneale Mark.
Chorus of Y.M.C.A. Maids Jeff Stewart, Errol Jones, Roy Dickson, Peter Jenkins, Alan Thomsen, Ted Bradstock, Trevor Levy, Chris. Small.
Chorus of Y.M.C.A. Boarders Lester Paul, Noel Brown, Alex Williams, Bruce Milburn, Henk Schwimmer, Albert Moore.
Foreman of the Jury Denzil Brown
Haybell Cowyard Margaret Eccles

"Mighty maiden with a mission,

Paragon of common sense,

Running fount of erudition,

Miracle of eloquence."

—W. S. Gilbert.

A Chorus of Land Girls Rita Ruben, Cecil Fowler, Lorna Pye, Jean Priest, Peggy Martin, Jolene Park, Jean Hawthorn, Vicky Fussell, Joy Bartley, Beverley Morris, Freda Mooor, Aileen Casey, June Flett, Geraldine Player, Elizabeth Daniell, Joan Sim, Jackie Richards, Marie Marshall, Barbara Corkill, Joan Clarke, Jackie Patrick, Cecil Saker.
The Dock Turtle Gib Bogle

"Why linger here Where all is drear?

—W. S. Gilbert.

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The Gryphon Pix Hurrell

"'Tis then this warrior's eys and sabre gleam

For our protection—

He represents a military scheme

In all its proud perfection!"

—W. S. Gilbert.

Tweedlesid D. Saker
Tweedlelee Chum Paterson
The Duchess of Marlborough Kerry Jordan

"My face is unattractive . . . but I have a left shoulder-blade

That is a miracle of loveliness."

—W. S. Gilbert.

The Spectre De L'Oncle Sam John Ziman
Blowey Spoutjoy—The White Knight Reg. Berney

"New plays I read with jealous eyes

And purify the stage."

—W. S. Gilbert.

High Horse Tom McKenzie, Larry Murphy
Hamlet W. Easterbrook-Smith
Marcellus Bruce Milburn
Horatio Lester Paul
Hamlet's Father's Ghost Jeff Stewart
A Chorus of Bogie-Wogies Jeff. Stewart, Peter F. Jenkins, Chris. Small, Alan Thomsen, Ted Bradstock, Trevor Levy, Roy Dickson.
First Ghost Jeff. Stewart
Ophelia Joan Easterbrook-Smith
Claudius Alex Williams
Gertrude Joan Taylor
Marx Bros.—
Harpo Henk Schwimmer
Chico Noel Brown
Groucho Albert Moore
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Karl Marx Dick Warner
Red Knight Alan Martin
Chorus of Red Pawns Alister Hall, Ted Jones, Jean Priest, Gordon Stuckey, Dick Warner, Beverley Morris, Freda Moor, Jackie Richards, Aileen Casey, Julie Flett, Joan Sim, Barbara Corkill, Fanny Walker, Cecil Fowler, Jackie Patrick.
White Queen Catherine Crosse

"I vow my complexion

Derives its perfection

From somebody's soap—which it doesn't!"

Prompter: Miss V. Rich.

Odds and Sods, Flotsam and Jetsam, Courtiers, Etc.