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Victoria University College Capping Carnival, 1921. "Done to Death"

3. Duet: Emperor and Mrs. Chows. — "You Must have the Ticket."

3. Duet: Emperor and Mrs. Chows.

"You Must have the Ticket."

Mrs. Chow:
You must have the ticket.
Indeed, I'll not stick it.

You don't think that I'm a pot of glue
For if I think you do
I'll have the head of you.

(Motioning to Soldier):
Chop him off,
Chop him off,

Mrs. Chow:
You may do your dirty
But don't think you're shirty,
For if you do you'll have a task.
I'll burn it to a cinder before I will give it up.
So put that in your fleay ear you nasty little pup.

I (you) must have the ticket,
Or else I'll (she'll) not stick it.
I (you) must have the ticket for your (my) shirt.

I once had a ticket,
But by some fool trick it
Was lost or stolen or strayed.
Oh, every dodge I've tried,
To every god I've cried:
"Give it back, give it back." How I've prayed!
But all of my longing
And all of my wronging
Availeth nothing now.

I haven't got the ticket, so I cannot have my shirt;
Let me weep upon your shoulder and won't you call me Bert?
For I've lost the ticket,
Yes, I've lost the ticket.
I've lost the only ticket for my shirt.