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Victoria University College Capping Carnival, 1921. "Done to Death"

3. Duet

3. Duet.

Oh, dear, Mrs. Sticket, won't you let me know,
(Hey, but I'm doleful, willow, willow wally!)
Has our darling Lulu not yet found a beau?

Te Aro House—For Progressive Efficiency.

page 9

Hey, Willow-waly-O!
Life is dull and dreary;
Of the chase I'm weary,
Hey willow waly O!

Mrs. Sticket:
Robinson I grieve to say that this is so,
(Hey, but I'm doleful, willow, willow, waly!)
But our darling Lulu has not yet a beau,
Hey, willow-waly O!
But I'll soon discover
For her a nice lover,
Hey, willow-waly-O!

Be not over sure, for there's a dearth of men
(Hey, but its tiresome, willow, willow, waly.)
If our darling Loo should be a spins ter, then
Hey, willow-waly-O!
Great would be our grieving;
Were she past retrieving,
Hey, willow, waly O!

Mrs. Sticket:
Now, my own dear Rob., you are a gentlemun,
Hey, but I'm certain, willow, willow waly;
Though they may be scarce, our Loo Must marry one.
Hey, willow-waly-O!
'Way with all this sadness,
There'll be cause for gladness,
Hey, willow-waly-O!