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Victoria University College Capping Carnival. Wed. & Thurs., May 12th & 13th, 1920

[Cast Off Caricatures continued]

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The Dog "Jake"

"I'd rather be a kitten and cry mew"—Shakespeare (re-shook)

Robin Hood E. K. Rishworth

"A dear little lad
Who drove 'em half mad,
For he turned out a horribly fast little cad."

(Great) Scott !

Sir Simon de Montfort Sir Percival de Martin-Smith

"He'd everything a man of taste
Could ever want except a waist."

—Whittier still wittier.

Sir James Fallen K. W. Low

"Whereat, with blade, with bloody, blameful blade
He bravely broached his boiling, bloody breast." Spokeshave.
Soldiers, Ballet and a Jam Tin.
Entr'acte Beautiful Ohio.

Act II. The Gay Dogs

Being a sidelight on a Stuart Election.

Scene: The Village Green at Frankarua
Be-All Massive C. C. Moss

"Raise him on our brawny shoulders
Cynosure of all beholders
Chosen from his fellow creatures."


Oliver Cromwell N. G. Whiteman

"Assume a virtue if you have it not."

Browning (done brown)

Mrs. Cromwell Miss D. Bingham

"When first I met thee dearest wife

The bullrush was in bloom. A. E. Caddick

Dr. Glibb H. G. Miller

"Heck thrawfu' raltie rorkie
Wi' thecht ta' croonie clapperhead
And fash with unco pawkie."

Browning (almost burnt)

Ice Cream Vendors Signor and Signorina

Karantze Vadalla - Steak a da Hoisho.

Job Gone Fraud S. Mansfield

"Having reached the summit and managed to cross it, he rolled down the hill with uncommon velocity."Barham

DYM Jykes A. S. Tonkin
Clerk E. R. Murphy
(Not the Prof.)

Villagers, Batmen and Auctioneers.


Veitch & Allan Guarantee Satisfaction

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Act III. The Pow-Wows

Being an exhibition of modern business methods as portrayed in parliamentary procedure.

Scene: The 'Ouse

"But then the prospect of a lot
Of dull M.P.'s in close proxmity
All thinking for themselves is what
No men can face with equanimity."

Wilde (toned down)

Mr. Speaker S. A. Wiren

"How would you like this dash tomfoolery Every day horn ten to two."Gelbert.

Clerk of the House M. O'Donnell
Lady Blastor Anna P. Slim

"I cannot sing, I squall
And this is worst of all
Away goes my falsetto
My exquisite falsetto."

—Swift (still faster)

Jay Pip Fluke O. Beer E. (semaphored) P. Martin-Smith