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Victoria University College Carnival, 1914

Graduates of the Year

page 3

Graduates of the Year.

"A mother's pride, a father's joy. "—Scott.

Honours in Arts and M A.
Coad, Nellie E. third class Mental Science
Duff, Ethel M. second class Languages & Literature
Pigott, Mary E. first class Botany
Tolley, Jessie second class English and French
Gondringer, Bernard J. second class English and French
Paulsen, Norman M. second class Latin and French
Ranston, Harry second class Greek and Hebrew
Robson, Harry third class Mental Science
Wolter, Frederick F. second class French and German

"They taught us, and groomed us, and crammed." —Kipling.

Masters of Arts.

  • Everett, Gladys G.
  • Watson, G. G. Gibbes.
  • Wild, Cyril T.

"Societies we admire, but don't belong to." —Punch.

Bachelors of Arts.

  • Clachan, Mary C.
  • Hopkirk, Margaret S.
  • Hueston, Dorothy L.
  • McKenzie, Mary B.
  • Ross, Fanny L.
  • Shirer, Elizabeth M.
  • Gibb, George H.
  • Hewlett, Henry C.
  • Strack, George S.
  • Stitt, Isabelle A.
  • Armstrong, Purvis F.
  • Blake, Bert N. T.
  • Combs, Frank L.
  • Cox, Edwin
  • Eagar, Edward F.
  • Heine, Werner
  • Moss, Leyon M.
  • Ross, Kenneth

"O this learning what a thing it is." —Taming of the Shrew.

Bachelor of Science.

  • McDowall, James Campbell

"Science is a first-rate piece of furniture for a man's upper chamber, if he has common sense on the ground floor."O. W. Holmes.

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Honours in Law and LL.M.

"When I look to the top of the family tree I feel the perfection that's centred in me"

Delamore, Adrian W. third class Roman Law, Contracts and Torts, Negligence
Mackersey, Lindsay J. third class International Law, Contracts and Torts, Company Law
West, Francis L. G. second class Roman Law, Contracts and Torts, Company Law

Bachelors of Laws.

"The law's made to take care of raskills." —G. Eliot.

  • Berendsen, Carl A.
  • Burridge, Ross R.
  • Clere, Frederick T.
  • Griffiths, Herbert L.
  • Hall-Jones, Frederick G.
  • Hill, Reginald B.
  • Morrison, John C.
  • Nathan, Carrol A.
  • Quilliam, Ronald H.
  • Taylor, Cuthbert H.
  • Watson, Gibbes G. G.
  • Williams, Henry
  • Lyon, William A.

Senior Scholarships.

"What's to be done with these 'ere hopeless chaps?"

  • Heine, Werner
  • German
  • West, Francis L. G.
  • Contracts and Roman Law

Sir George Grey Scholarship.

"'Tis pleasant sure to see one's name in print."

  • P. V. Armstrong