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Victoria University College Carnival, 1914

An Old Song

An Old Song.

Do you ever Smoke Tobacco?
I like it Honey do,
Its fragrance is divine "Honeydew."
In my presence with your pipe
The scent is a delight,

Your Tobacco is Tobacco,
Don't waste time on others
but Honeydew.
When you Write or ring me up,
Waft yourself into my presence,

"Always in Full-Weight Tins."

Regent Cigarettes Have No Equal.

page 27

Regent Cigarettes in Beautiful Vest Pocket Tins.

If his Pa, while they were dining,
Asked his son to do some declining,
Caesar didn't cry and didn't give a damn,
Rattled off with ease "mensa, mensæ, mensam";
Not like us, "mensibus,"
He was a very smart little cuss.

Give me Julius Cæsar, etc.
Cæsar had some troubles with the tribes of Gaul,
But they didn't worry him, no, not at all.
He would gain their meek submissions
By the use of his prepositions.
Strongest men would falter and their hearts would throb
At the sight of "apud," "ante," "pro" and "ob,"
"Cum" and "cis": things like this,
They were the weapons that would not miss.