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Victoria University College Carnival, 1914

The Roman Rag

The Roman Rag.

Cæsar is the man I've had my eye upon,
Ever since he went and passed by Rubi Cohn.
It may seem rotten to Rubi,
But whatever her point of view be,
I admire Cæsar and his Latin prose,
I admire Cæsar and his Roman nose,
Superfine! Leonine!
He's what the lassies would call divine.

Give me Julius Cæsar, dear old Julius Cæsar.
Hear those people asking their friends
Who's that handsome gheezer? Why, it's Julius Cæsar.
J-U-L-I, what a pretty name is Julius.
Then come you Mauds and Marys,
Read his commentaries;
Sing like blithe canaries,
Praise that never varies,
For my Julius Cæsar, dear old Julius Cæsar;
He's the bird for me.

Cæsar in his childhood was a clever brat,
Conjugate could he "amo, amas, amat."

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