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Victoria University College Carnival, 1914

[Carnival Programme]

page 16
page 16



"If you have tears to shed—wait till the Interval."

1."Gaudeamus" (page 7).
2."Our Librarian" (page 7).

BoadiceaAct I.

Scene—Druids' Haunt at time of Cæsesar's landing.

"John Bull": Prologue (page 14)

Items—" Sons of Oak (page 11)

Duet, "Crassus and Boadicea" (page 13)

"Roman Chorus" (page 15)

Maud Allan and the Churnyupsky Trio

Finale—" The Feast Song" (page 19),


"Song of Victoria College" (page 21)

"We are but little children—weak." — Hadfield Hostel Hymnal.


"Kind sleep affords

The only boon the wretched mind can feel:

A momentary respite from despair."


"Farewell to David K." (page 22)

"And heaven had wanted one immortal song." —Dryden.


BoadiceaAct II.

Scene— Same, but after three years occupation by Romans.

Items— "The Wellington Weather" (Crassus) (page 23)

"The Roman Rag" (Boadicea and Salamanca Male Quartet) (page 25)

"Terrible Pic (Boadicea, Druid, Augur, and Soldier) (page 24)

Mock Capping Day, with incidental music (?)

Finale - "Britons and Romans" (page 29).


"The Green and Gold" (page 30).

"A good orchestra covers a multitude of dins."

Piano kindly lent by the Dresden Plano Company.

Limelight kindly lent by N.Z. Picture Supplies, Ltd.

"What we hae done for lack o' wit,

We never, never can reca';

We hope ye're a' our friends as yet,

Guid night, and joy be wi' you a'!"




"Men nudge each other—thus—and say,

'This certainly is Shakespeare's son!'

And merry wags (of course in play),

Cry, 'Author!' when the piece is done.

In presenting the extravaganza "Boadicea," we wish to disclaim all intention of local, religious, or political satire. We hasten to assert that the Queen does not represent a phase of the Woman Suffrage movement, and we might look long before finding any trace of resemblance between mighty Caesar and Sir Joseph Ward (Bart ). We write of greater things. John Bull as a civilising force is easily the most active in the world, but when surveying his motives in this respect he is an inveterate optimist. If we read history aright there is little material difference between the colonising ethics of Pagan Rome and Christian England—and so our extravaganza.

Characters of the Play:

Prologue (John Bull).. .. .. Mr. A. B. Sievwright


Caius Julius Cæsar.. .. .. Mr. H. M. Ewart

(Roman Commander)

Chief Deputy Assistant Augur.. .. .. Mr. C. W. Batten

(Attache to Cæsar)

Crassus .. .. .. Mr. L. A. Rogers

(Centurion and Ragtime Expert)

Chorus of Roman Soldiers.


Boadicea.. .. .. Mr. L. P. Leary

(Queen of the Britons)

Chief Druid.. .. .. Mr. P. B. Broad

Llewellan .. .. .. Mr. A. P. Meldrum

(Boadicea's Lieutenant)

Druids: Kilty, Canute, and Hjprs Messrs. Seddon, Jowett, and Evans

Briton Children.. .. .. Misses Still, Gill, And Mellor

Chorus of Briton Men and Women.

Conductor.. .. .. Dr. Kington Fyffe, Mus. Bac.

Deputy Conductors.. .. .. Miss Clachan and Mr. Stainton

Leader of the Orchestra .. .. .. Miss Wells

Scenic Artist and Costumiere.. .. .. Mrs Hannah

Stage Manager.. .. .. Mr R. M. G. Butcher

The Victoria University College Students Association (Incorporated) desires to express its sincere thanks to all those ladies and gentlemen who have so willingly given valuable assistance in the various activities of the Carnival.