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Victoria University College Carnival, 1914

Opening Chorus. — Act I

Opening Chorus.

Act I.

G. G. G. W— tson: Cheer up, Never mind. We all know it was very hard to swallow an insult along with one's own (?) bath water.

Do—o - n't be noisy!

The Sons of Oak
Saecular oak that is symbolic.
Of age: of might,
The sage: the fight,
The priests of the oak are we.

The Sons of Oak
In a community bucolic
We teach: we rule,
We preach: we fool,
Enshrouded in mystery.

Chief Druid:— And my intent
Omnes:— Let it be law
Chiel Druid:— And if a fool dissent
Omnes:— Bring him before—
Bring him before our justice by the altar smoke.

The Sons of Oak
Count it a most diverting, frolic
To hack: to slice
A sacrifice
To honour the Sacred tree.

The hour of sacrifice draws nigh,
The Druid chants his hymn of adoration;
The gods of Britain hear his cry
And hearken to the voice of supplication;
They watch the writhing victims die,
And breathe the altar's sacred exhalation.

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"Crassus and Boadicea."

"We met; 'twas in a crowd." —Bayly.—

Boadicea—Behold me here a warrior queen
With a womanly heart afire.
Crassus—And I am a Roman Prince I ween.
Did anyone mention liar!
Both—The banns will make a stir in Rome,
Of Cæsar and Boadicea.
Crsasus—For in point of fact I've a missus at home (twice)
Boadicea—And I have a husband here.
Boadicea—Now, what would I do if your civilised wife
Suddenly interfered?
Crassus—A thing like that in the Roman life
Is easily engineered.
A man in Rome has a power they call
The vitæ necesique,
And a sizeable club will answer all
A woman may have to say.
Both—Oh, it's not such a bad sort of power at all,
The vitæ necis que.
Crassus—And what would I do if your warrior boy
Came sudden-like on the job?
Boadicea—He'd relish a chance with chastened joy
To scuttle a Roman nob.
I promise he'll prove a nasty snag
You'd do very well to void.
Crassus—It seems that this matrimonial gag
Will keep me well employed. (twice)

Boadicea—So as I have beauty; (C.) and I have brain,
Both—We ought to make a hit.
Crassus—And I pledge my troth like an amorous swain
Both—On the half of a threepenny bit.
Crassus—I'll be your faithful character
Fo rever B.) or thereabout.
Both—So Julius Cæsar and Boadicea
May be paid to be walking out.

"A thousand, melodies unheard before." —Rogers.

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"John Bull." Prologue to "Boadicea."

Behold me! the emblem of great nationality,
Healthy and hearty and ample of girth;
Father of children that boast rationality,
Pick of humanity—salt of the earth!
They say that I'm stodgy and lacking vivacity,
Bourgeois and backward and beefy and dense;
I do not envy their foreign loquacity,
Gibes at my mental and moral expense.
Yes, I am proud of my cerebral density:
Never was greater than I am to-day.
Let 'em glance round at my Empire's immensity—
Sneer in their foreign malodorous way.
Here from old England's secure insularity
Have I gone forth to the east and the west,
Firing the Gospel at naked Barbarity,
Much as he'll swallow and more—than digest.
As soon as the missions have gained solidarity,
Sorted the niggers and softened their hate,
Pushing the platform of faith, hope, and charity,
Cometh a cruiser to let in the state.
I grant them the boon of an intricate polity,
Wet with the ink of my Government brand;
Leave 'em to parder such words as "equality,"
Road up the back-blocks and whack up the land.
Then do the niggers, converted and dilat'ry,
Up and take notice—collect bits of wood.
Let 'em rebel and I call in the milit'ry,
All, understand, for their spiritual good.
The sceptical laughs at my "obvious audity"
Tribute my helping the heathen to greed.
Didn't I preach to them, trouser their nudity?
Bring the ineffable boon of a creed?
He goes on to say that I sap their virility,
Teach them my vices, and that sort of talk.
True, they acquire with surprising agility
The delicate art of extracting a cork.
Drat his impertinence! When did the sceptic
Ever achieve such an Empire as mine?
His proudest effort is laughter dyspeptic
At me, his protector—the cowardly swine!
I don't care a farthing what slander men say of me,
Tricks they get up to, or hurt they intend;
Give them the start of a year and a day of me,
My beef and my backbone will win in the end.
So, behold me the emblem of great nationality!
Healthy and hearty and ample of girth,
Father of children that boast rationality,
Cream of humanity, cream of the earth.

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